Monday, December 20, 2010


I hate to even bring this up, but, I told you this would happen.

"The U.S. Senate voted on Dec. 18 to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy barring open homosexuals from the military. Opponents of the repeal warned it will turn the military into a tool to impose “a radical social agenda” on the country...

...The change in policy could have significant consequences for those who assent to Christian sexual ethics.

Many backers of the repeal also support career penalties for servicemen and women who oppose homosexuality, including military chaplains.

Some chaplains have been told by superiors that they should leave the military if they have problems of conscience under a repeal.

Military officers are judged on their compliance with the equal protection goals of the military. In a November interview, Daniel Blomberg of the Alliance Defense Fund said that under a repeal of the policy on homosexuals, one of those military goals will include support for “incorporating and supporting homosexual behavior in the military.”

Archbishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services Timothy Broglio has also opposed the repeal, citing concerns it might negatively affect the role of military chaplains. He noted that Catholic chaplains cannot accept or bless same-sex unions, and stated that no restrictions on the teaching of Catholic morality can be accepted.

In his June 1 statement, he added that moral beliefs should not be sacrificed for “merely political considerations.”
Catholic News Agency


  1. You have it right...this is a huge mess waiting to happen. I have been in the USMC for 17 years now, and I am counting the days to retirement at 20 years. Politics have now infiltrated the military deeply enough that the American public will soon be able to see clearly the detrimental affect it has on national security.

  2. Thanks for your service. My Dad was in the Corp, too, in Korea.

    Never forget, no matter how bad it gets, most of us out here in the civilian world are with you and we know you're with us. I fear that the time is coming that we're going to find out just how true this is.