Friday, December 24, 2010


"An administration official says the Homeland Security Department is alerting air carriers to a potential terror tactic involving insulated beverage containers like thermoses.

The official stresses that there is no intelligence about an active terror plot. The official spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive security matters.

Travelers may notice that airport screeners are taking a closer look at empty insulated containers, but the official said authorities have no information about a specific threat involving the items.

The Homeland Security Department regularly alerts law enforcement about evolving terror tactics as counterterrorism officials learn about them through intelligence chatter."
The Blaze

Really? Terrorists are going to go to all the problem of sneaking explosives through in a thermos? This when you aren't even allowed to take a bottle of shampoo on a plane? Why?
All they have to do is put a bit of poison in a salad bear.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; something's not right here. Someone is using the threat of terrorism to manipulate us. They keep focusing on planes because they're trying to justify the intrusive nature of airport searches which I believe are less about security and more about indoctrination into the state having the power to enter into any part of your life, regardless of the Fourth Amendment.

If you think that this isn't about intimidation than talk to the pilot that had the temerity to question the effectiveness of TSA screening at airports. He posted a series of videos on YouTube showing just how pointless these screenings are and found his home invaded by Federal Marshals and his gun taken away.

Is that enough intimidation to keep others quiet? The government hopes so.

Something is rotten with all of this and yet most go along like sheep. And that's what they count on. The Nazis relied on this while they were loading people into boxcars. Their methods were relatively direct yet no one said anything much less rose up en masse to stop it. Our government is acting in a more sophisticated manner to achieve the same ends. They are breaking down our resistance, one grope at a time. Once we're completely acclimated to airport searches they'll move onto schools and government buildings; all in the name of protecting us and keeping the chillins' safe. Soon biometric cards and permission to travel will become commonplace. And those that complain? Well, a little re-education never did anybody any harm.

All this because we're stupid enough to believe that real terrorists intend to use thermos' to blow up planes instead of simple, more effective means of achieving their purported goals.


  1. I pray that the new congress will hold hearings into each and every Constitutional violation.

  2. Do you think that if Catholics started blowing up planes, buildings, people, and underwear - they wouldn't be willing to "profile" us?

    We cannot focus on the methodology, we need to focus on the people. I guess if they really wanted to address the issue they would do so. It would follow that they really don't. They are just trying to wear us down and get us used to loading into boxcars.

  3. Ain't that the truth!

    Opus, as much as I hate to say it I really doubt that the new Congress will be that much different than the current one. The faces change but the abuses seems to go no and on.

  4. That should have said on and on but I suppose you figured that out.