Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This brings to mind a conversation that I had last year with someone I know quite well that works for one of the worlds largest software companies. We were discussing the possibility of the government trying to control the internet by controlling the ISP's. I contended that control of information is the key to control of the people and that because of this it seemed to me that, logically, the government would eventually have to impose itself upon the net and exert control over it.

The person that I was talking to has a lot of experience with the hackers and others in the shadowy world of computers that most of us don't know a thing about. He told me that if the government ever tried to do something like that the hackers would thwart everything they did for two reasons; 1) Hackers like their freedom to do as the please online and they won't accept controls and 2) for the challenge of staying ahead of the government.

Which has got me to thinking this morning. If, and this is just a presumption on my part, Assange has, as his primary goal in all that he's done the object of collapsing governments and societies, what better way than to use the net to do it? He has already embedded, or so he says, damning evidence on thousands of computers around the world that can be released on his orders. Why wouldn't he use the hacking community, either directly through some prearranged plan or indirectly, because he understands their predilection towards screwing with the powers that be, to bring systems of finance and government down across the globe in a series of random attacks?

Sounds like a James bond movie but it would also be extremely doable. Things may start to get really interesting now.

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