Sunday, November 28, 2010


"Aside from being key ingredients for manufacturing a plethora of products, REEs like scandium and promethium, for instance, play key roles in the production of components vital to the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. And more than a dozen other REEs play key roles in other vital segments of the nation’s economy.

Now, more than ever, we need to “REE-assess” (pun intended) our nation’s dependence upon foreign sources of raw materials — from REEs to energy. Failure to do so could doom future generations to speaking Chinese."
Bob McCarty

Face it; we've done this to ourselves. We have become completely subservient to China because we've allowed it to take our manufacturing and own our debt. Then we turn around and develop technology that is reliant on raw materials that we have allowed that same country to become the sole supplier of.

So, do you think China holds all the cards here?

All of them except one. We have the option to default and retract. By doing so we take the power from them and turn the rules of the game inside out.

China only has power over us if we accept the rules as they have been established. If we keep playing the old game by the old rules we will lose. So now we have to get out of the game and start another.

And it's going to hurt...a lot. Our standard of living will collapse and life is going to return to the way it was a long time ago. We will once again become an economy based on local suppliers and relationships. American empire will cease. And the rest of the world will have to go it on its own.

But, if we don't do something this drastic we will become slaves to China. Sure, we may get to keep our I-phones and I-pods but we'll be slaves to another and forced to live under rules that we can't imagine in a totalitarian state that would as soon see us dead as see us fed. If you don't think that's possible just look at China today and in the past. That's where we're headed.

So as we go toe to toe with the Chinese in the Yellow Sea keep in mind we're fighting a losing battle in a losing war because we won't accept suffering to keep our liberty.

These are the last days of the American experiment, if we choose them to be.

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