Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Out where I live the population is a bit...sparse. Normally I vote late in the day and it's not unusual to be ballot number 80. I voted at ten o'clock this morning and my ballot number was 287!

I just drove by the polling place a few minutes ago after running into town to get some supplies and there were at least 20 cars and trucks in the parking lot, similar to what was there when I went to vote earlier.

The poll workers said that there has been a steady stream since six this morning and that (obviously) the turn out is high.

My guess is that this bodes well for the Republicans, particularly since Franklin County is a Republican area. If I were to extrapolate my experience to the nation as a whole I'm guessing it sucks to be a Democrat today.

So, all my fellow conservative Tea Party members, looks like the party's on for tonight.

And tomorrow, the real work begins. Somehow, someway we need to make sure that the people that win today do what we want them to do. I'm not expecting miracles, but I want to see progress towards smaller government and a restoration of individual rights. Piece by piece and bit by bit. I want the tidal wave of government power to be turned back.

So don't let your guard down. In fact, it's time to double or triple our efforts. Hold their feet to the fire. And make sure that they understand; we put you in power and we can take you out.

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