Thursday, November 18, 2010


H/T Father Hollywood

So the door opens just a bit and we get a glimpse of the Wizard. The connected, once again, are profiting at the expense of the American citizens and, once again, colluding with government to do it.

It seems that this may finally be the straw that breaks the back. The level of resistance to these scanners is high and there is a threat of backlash next Wednesday as
We Won't Fly organizes a national opt out day at the nation's major airports. The extent to which this happens will gauge just how strongly the American public feels on this issue.

This is just one more step in beating us down and making us conform. It started with drug testing and has gone from there. Now we can be stopped if we don't wear seat belts, can't smoke in public, are afraid to say things because they may be considered "hate speech". We're slowly being squeezed into a box, making us all the same shape and size, perfect for use on an assembly line but terrible for the exercise of freedom and completely incapable of resistance.

So just say no to these scanners and all the other ways that the powerful force us to conform. If you believe something, say it. Don't worry about political correctness. Do what you want, when you want, as long as it doesn't impact the rights of another.

But when you get the blowback be ready for it. With freedom comes responsibility. Accept it as the cost of being free. Don't run to the government for laws to protect you. Deal with it yourself. The government is like a vampire; if you give it permission to enter your house it will take control of you and most likely destroy you.

We need to stand as individuals, not parts of a collective whole. We can join to work for common goals but we must join as individuals and never allow the group to assume the rights and responsibilities that are meant for the individual alone.

We're built to be different. It is in our individuality that greatness is found. Communist societies seldom create or innovate. They steal from others and try to build upon the fruits of freedom. Marching in line and exercising together in bland gray uniforms every morning may be great for the control of the people but it does nothing to help them advance. It crushes the spirit that is a gift from God.

So if this intrusive scanning pisses you off, SAY SOMETHING!! If the mortgage fraud pisses you off, SAY SOMETHING!! If the rape of our economy by the banks pisses you off, SAY SOMETHING!! If the politicians don't do the right thing, SAY SOMETHING!!

Stop trying to blend into the crowd believing that safety lies in anonymity. Slavery is what you'll find in the crowd. Freedom is outside.

So, as your mom used to say, " Go out and play!"


It appears that at least one Congressman sees things the same way I do.

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