Sunday, November 7, 2010


"People in Weston, Missouri banded together on Saturday. They wanted to protect loved ones who were saying goodbye to a fallen soldier. They stood up to members of the Westboro Baptist Church who planned to protest at Sgt. First Class C.J. Sadell's funeral.

Sadell died October 24 from injuries he suffered in a surprise attack in Afghanistan. On Saturday, there was quite a turnout of people who wanted to keep the protesters away from the funeral.

"I'd say probably half the people in Weston are here," said Eric Moser, Marine Corp veteran.

Weston has less than 2,000 residents, but hundreds of people showed up to support the family of First Sgt. Sadell.

..."We got everybody here early so we could take up all the parking spots," Rooney said ."We did that so Mr. Phelps wouldn't have a contingency that was really close."

Supporters came armed with patriotic music and American flags.

Protesters didn't stick around long once they saw the supporters."

This is how we do it. This is how we put an end to all the B.S. we're seeing today. We just stand up and peacefully refuse to cooperate. We stand in front of evil and make it back down.

Don't do business with the banks that have caused the mortgage problems that threaten to destroy our economy. No credit cards, new loans or bank accounts. Then take it a step further. Don't do business with anyone that works for those banks, especially and maybe particularly with the management. That means don't cut their hair, don't fix their house or their car, don't deliver their paper. You get the idea.

And then apply this to any other group that is causing harm to your community or country. Just say no. Ostracize them; shun them.

The legal system and the politicians don't seem to be willing to do anything to protect the people so the people are going to have to do it themselves. Peacefully and prayerfully but very firmly.

Begin to remove yourself from this corrupt and evil world. Try to live as honestly as possible and only support those things that you believe are good. We must starve the evil out of our lives and our world.


  1. That was today's first reading at Mass: 2 Maccabees 7:1-2,9-14. Of course, the woman and her seven sons were martyred. But in the end Antiochus IV Epiphanes got his comeuppance. I fera however that such bravery is very rare nowadays.

  2. Well, I suppose that there is that little martyrdom thing to consider.

    Regardless, we need to man up, as individuals and as a society.

    If we stay in God's grace and on His side, we've got nothing to fear.

    Sounds good on paper, doesn't it?

    Lord, I believe, help my disbelief!

  3. No Cross, no Crown.

    No Scourging, No Healing.

    No Crucifixion, No Resurrection.

    But I speak to the choir. "Man up" is right, or as my sister says, "We need to grow a set..." Of what I am sure you can fill in the blank.