Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A couple days ago I posted about this same issue. I received an e-mail from Reform CCHD Now about the CIW and their connections to pro abort groups. There was an excerpt from the USCCB document discussed in this video that listed three other groups along with CIW that the Bishops held in high esteem and presented as shining examples of the kind of groups the CCHD supported.

It occurred to me that it would be interesting to take these other groups, do a bit of research and see how long it would take me to find some linkage back to radical groups or philosophies that undermine Church teaching. If you will go to that article you'll see it didn't take long at all.

So, if a guy sitting in a house out in the woods using an antiquated computer can establish these links in under a half hour, why can't the USCCB?

The answer of course is that they can and they are well aware of them. The problem for the USCCB is that these groups represent the true beliefs of the people in charge of this organization. And all of these leftist organizations are joined in a web of lies so complete that they cannot hide their true nature. As long as the leadership at the USCCB insists on playing in this cesspool they will be stained by it.

If they are to completely separate themselves from this evil they will have to do exactly that, completely separate from, expose and disavow these organizations and the evil that undergird them. But they won't do that because this is what they believe, deep down in their core, right to the marrow of their bones. Church teaching and the will of God be damned!

This cancer is so well entrenched that only surgery and complete removal will stand any chance of returning the Church in America to health. No matter how much we stand against this we, the people, can only do so much; we're not surgeons, after all. Only the Vatican has the training, the competence and the authority to end this abuse.

We're waiting!


  1. The USCCB is required to get out of Politics. See the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition" 2245-2246.
    Bishops should not even pass moral judgement unless the fundamental rights of men or the salvation of souls requires it. (-This does not mean promoting special interests or special interest groups.)
    After killing all the appropriate committees, each Bishop needs to promote the "CCC 2nd Ed" in their Diocese Parishes.

  2. In so far as the bishops or any other representatives of the Church align themselves with any particular political group I would agree that they should stay out of politics. This was the problem in the Evangelical world with the moral majority and their binding themselves up with the Republicans. And it is now the problem with the bishops and the Democrats.

    I would disagree that the Church should stay out of politics in a general way. It is the responsibility of the Church to guide us in issues of faith and morals, and politics, particularly politics, is not above this. The thing is, the Church needs to stay apart from political partisanship.

    It needs to give us guidance on the relevant moral issues that surround political decisions, not taking sides, just speaking the truth, no matter who it pisses off.

    The church and the political system, while two separate entities are both ordered towards promoting the social order and common good. In this regard they must work together to benefit mankind. They must however maintain their distinct identities and natures.

    If you go and read Gaudium Et Spes, paragraph 76, which the paragraphs you cite in the Catechism refer to, you'll see that this is what the Church teaches:

    "It is very important, especially where a pluralistic society prevails, that there be a correct notion of the relationship between the political community and the Church, and a clear distinction between the tasks which Christians undertake, individually or as a group, on their own responsibility as citizens guided by the dictates of a Christian conscience, and the activities which, in union with their pastors, they carry out in the name of the Church.

    The Church, by reason of her role and competence, is not identified in any way with the political community nor bound to any political system. She is at once a sign and a safeguard of the transcendent character of the human person.

    The Church and the political community in their own fields are autonomous and independent from each other. Yet both, under different titles, are devoted to the personal and social vocation of the same men. The more that both foster sounder cooperation between themselves with due consideration for the circumstances of time and place, the more effective will their service be exercised for the good of all. For man's horizons are not limited only to the temporal order; while living in the context of human history, he preserves intact his eternal vocation. The Church, for her part, founded on the love of the Redeemer, contributes toward the reign of justice and charity within the borders of a nation and between nations. By preaching the truths of the Gospel, and bringing to bear on all fields of human endeavor the light of her doctrine and of a Christian witness, she respects and fosters the political freedom and responsibility of citizens."