Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've always been partial to this song and I listen to it every Veterans Day. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in the flag and patriotism, which is a good thing. But I think sometimes we forget what we ask of our soldiers. They go to places they don't care about to fight and maybe die for, more often than not, people that would rather they weren't there.

Politicians, many times the same people that used their influence to stay out of battle, send our sons and daughters to fight for things that we'd rather not be involved in, to support governments we may not agree with or to make a country safe for corporate interests. This is true today just as its been true all through history.

And even with all this, men and women, most often young and idealistic, find the courage to put their lives on the line and do the job their government asks of them. They do it for their buddies, they do it for honor, they do it because they signed on to the job and they'll follow through and finish it.

Thanks for your sense of duty and your service. I pray that all of you live to tell your stories to your grandkids and show them the scars you earned in battle.

We owe you.

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