Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Thanks George and Barb (not Bush)

A Republican organization put this together so it's accusations are directed towards the Democrats, the major Progressive party, and they deserve all that is suggested. However, the lesser Progressive party, the Republicans, need to look in a mirror. They've been party to this great theft of our liberties, working alongside the Democrats every step of the way.

This election is the turning point. And not because the Republicans will likely gain back some control. No, the eyes of the nation are focused firmly and resolutely on the actions taken by the Republicans after the elections. If it's business as usual with more big government and bailouts of the bankers and corporate interests there will be revolution. Hopefully not the kind with guns and violence but honestly, I don't know what other options may be left. We can hope to continue to elect more and more to positions of power that actually believe in limited government and over time maybe we can slow and then stop the growth. The problem, though, is time.

We are hearing the last, gasping breaths of our republic as our birthright is sold to the highest bidder.
As the fed begins to print more money next week, further debasing our already battered currency, investment will flee from our shores, making our already monumental debt impossible to service, forcing the once great American powerhouse to quiver and shake, begging for relief from our enemies.

We're at the end. The only way out will be so painful that no politician will be able to fix it. This will require leadership of an epic nature and courage and I don't see anyone of that caliber on the horizon, Republican, Democrat or independent.

In short, the coming election will change nothing. Batten down the hatches and get ready for the storm.

And pray.

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