Friday, October 29, 2010


"Former President Bill Clinton tried to persuade Florida Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of his U.S. Senate race and support Gov. Charlie Crist's independent candidacy in hopes of thwarting a victory by Republican Marco Rubio.

People familiar with the matter said the former president and other top national Democrats worry a win by the charismatic Mr. Rubio, a 39-year-old Cuban-American, would make him a political phenomenon capable of boosting the GOP's chances with Hispanic voters. These people said the conversation occurred during Mr. Clinton's Florida visit on Oct. 19. Mr. Meek wavered for several days—suggesting to some that he could leave the race—but decided against it.

"They had a conversation about the fact that the prospects of him winning had passed him by and that the only way the Republican would be defeated is to jump on board with Crist," said a Florida Democrat familiar with the discussion.

...Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele accused Mr. Clinton of wronging black voters in his attempts to coax Mr. Meek out of the race. Mr. Meek, a Miami congressman, is African-American. The intervention would send a "chilling signal to all voters, but especially African Americans," said Mr. Steele, who is black."
Wall Street Journal

That card gets passed all 'round the table, doesn't it?

Black voters shouldn't be surprised and neither should anyone else that politicians have as their main concern the continuance of power, not the welfare of their constituents. All that vote based on some kind of weird idea that any party stands for anything beyond victory and the further aggregation of power are fools. The party will do whatever it has to do to survive. That's why the TEA Party is being sucked into the GOP. At least those that have positioned themselves as the leadership of the TEA Party are being sucked in. What these "leaders" and the GOP don't understand is that the TEA Party is a set of shared ideals and principles. No one person or organization speaks for it. In this respect it cannot be co-opted.

Many if not most of us that are part of the movement are voting Republican, not because we like the GOP but because at this point they are the lesser of two evils. But, give us a real choice and we'll go there. Give us no choice and you get Tom Tancredo in Colorado, running for the American Constitution Party and looking as though he just might win.

So everybody, black, white, yellow or whatever needs to understand that the politicians don't care about us. Treat them in the same way. Make them work for your support and then make them strive to retain it.

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  1. Another example of Republicans being creeps (while Democrats are the nuts). Using Dr. Pournelle's recent post, "Democrats run scared; Iron Law at work," I explain that here:

    If Republicans win big on Tuesday (as I hope they do), then it's important to keep the pressure on them. If they don't win big, then the country is lost.