Thursday, September 9, 2010


"An Afghan cleric threatened Thursday that U.S. troops in the country's north would face large protests if a small American church burns copies of the Muslim holy book as planned on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Religious and political leaders across the Muslim world, as well as several U.S. officials, have called on the church to call off the plan, warning it would lead to violence against Americans. The Rev. Terry Jones, of the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has vowed to go ahead with the bonfire on Saturday, even though he has been denied the required permit.

Abdul Hadi Rostaqi, a member of the cleric council in Afghanistan's largely peaceful Balkh province, said Thursday that, if the burning goes ahead, "a big protest will be held" in the provincial capital Mazar-i-Sharif next Monday. NATO-led troops stationed in the city — one of the country's main centers of the Islamic teaching — would be the primary target.

Meanwhile, about 200 people marched and burned a U.S. flag in the central Pakistani city of Multan."

So, if the crazy preacher burns the Koran the Afghani Muslims will target American troops because of the offense. All this is being said as Pakistanis burn an American flag.

Let's get out of that part of the world. Let's just go ahead and give up the oil and let those people wallow in the 6th century. That's what they want so give it to them. Let Russia have the place if they want it. Pakistan can blow them up if they want. Or Iran can blow everybody else up. I don't care. Europe can deal with its own defenses and the Saudi sheiks can use some of their trillions to defend their own country.

Bring the troops home. We'll have a really tough time as our economy and way of life transforms to accommodate the absence of oil but it's going to happen eventually anyway. Why sacrifice even one more life overseas. Ring our shores with missiles and the military, devote our scant oil resources to supporting our defense and tell the rest of the world to kiss off! Tell the Islamic world to get out of our affairs or we'll flatten Mecca with missiles and reduce Tehran to glass.

Things will be hard here at home but if we do it to ourselves we can reduce voluntarily and with at least some sense of order. There is nothing to gain by engaging the Muslim world, at least for the American people. Nothing we do, short of conversion to Islam, will satisfy them. So screw 'em. The big banks and the Boeing's of the world won't like it but screw them, too. The politicians and all the rest that line their pockets with blood money from perpetual war won't like it, either. Screw 'em.

SCREW 'EM!!! Every last one of these evil bastards that are so willing to sacrifice the young lives of our military so that power and wealth can accrue at their feet. SCREW 'EM!!! America isn't supposed to be about empire and conquest. The founders warned against it.

Get all our people back home, pull up the drawbridge, close the gates, man the towers and inform the world that if they stay out of our affairs we'll stay out of theirs. Make sure that they understand that we want peace, that we want and expect to be left alone. And make sure they understand they if we aren't we will unleash hell on them, destroy them and return to our shores, once again in peace.

Then we can concentrate on changing our lives here at home. We need better sources of power, such as nuclear. If we divert all the resources we squander overseas to developing new energy here at home I would imagine that we'd have our power problems solved in short order which would have the happy effect of even further removing us from the Middle East. Let's rebuild our industries and make the stuff we need here at home. We've got just about everything we need to do it. And no one can beat the American worker at productivity.

If we are to have trade with the rest of the world keep the politics out of it. Make sure that competition is fair and honest. If our trading partners tax goods from America to make their own products more attractive in their countries, we do the same to them. If slave labor is used to make products oversea, we refuse them. We do this right or we don't do it at all. Make sure American companies produce their goods in America. If they want to do it overseas than let them move there. They shouldn't get the benefits of America if they won't work to support her.

Workers in America, especially my blue collar brothers and sisters, need to loose the union mentality, the collectivist, one size fits all, over paid socialist, worker versus employer mindset. And the white collars need to realize that there is value in working with your hands. We're all in this together and if the company profits the workers profit. Everyone get on the same page and work for the good of the business that employs them and then share in the profits. Quit fighting like spoiled children. We'll all float or sink together.

It's time to turn the page. America needs to return to what it was meant to be. We were never intended to be the worlds policemen. Let the world take care of itself. They know that freedom works because we've proven it. Let them either join us or perish.

They aren't our problem any more.

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