Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So what's the point of the stories below? We've backed ourselves into a corner, not just in America but in the world. The only way out is to let the economy collapse in an ordered fashion. Of course this won't happen because it will collapse the banks and cause a whole bunch of pain and suffering. Of course, all that is going to happen anyway. The politicians just don't have the courage to tell the people and to try and crash the economy in a relatively gentle manner, a wheels up belly landing in a field, if you will, with their names attached to the process. They'd rather we go nose first into the ground with complete destruction as long as they can say that they didn't have anything to do with it.

Currencies are being debased worldwide in an attempt to support the dollar and to keep countries competitive. This is having the affect of causing investors to flee to commodities, in this case food and energy. Remember the last time they did this a couple years back and fuel went to $147.00 a barrel? The same thing is going to happen this time around but not just with energy - food is already beginning to hyperinflate and it's going to get worse.

But it's worse than that. Read the first article, Food Crisis For Dummies, and see how the reporting in the food markets was manipulated to bolster the economic numbers that are so important to the government. This is having the effect of causing a distortion in the food markets and causing farmers and politicians to miscalculate the food needs of the world.

Bottom line: we are entering a period of hyperinfaltion in commodities with food being the most effected. The value of currency is going down and will probably collapse at some point. The values of your assets are falling, too. Your houses, cars, stocks and savings are all less worth today than they were three years ago and that trend will continue. The United States has boxed itself in with debt to the point that any increase in the cost of money will collapse the economy. This means that the traditional method of reducing debt, inflating our way out, isn't an option this time. And most other developed countries are in the same shape.

Collapse is inevitable and it's right around the corner. Prepare yourselves. Buy food that will last while it's still affordable. Get seeds and plan a garden for next year. Buy meat and put it in the freezer or get out and hunt. The costs of higher fuel will cascade through the meat producing industry but it will take 6 months or so to really become apparent. Figure out how to stay warm in the winter when you can't afford energy to heat your house.

As people begin to go hungry they will trade anything to feed their families, including their houses, cars and everything else they own. This is what always happens. Look at Chile and Wiemar Germany for proof. Supply and demand will be the law of the new jungle. This means that it is entirely possible that the price of a loaf of bread and the value of your house may reach parity. Just think about that for a moment.

When all else fails, three needs remain constant; water, shelter and food, in that order. You have to figure out a way to meet those needs in the coming tribulations and the best way is to plan ahead. Try to avoid the traps that are being set. And believe me, all this isn't happening by coincidence. The end game of all this suffering will be an attempt to create a world government and a new world order.

And pray. Get right with the only power that can really save you because at some point, that's all any of us will have left to lean on. Preparation is good and essential but it isn't sufficient. We are fighting the powers and principalities of this world and we don't have the power to defeat them by ourselves. Only God can do that.

If you don't believe any of this that's fine with me. We all have to chart our own course. Do me a favor though and do some research before you dismiss this out of hand. In my mind the evidence is overwhelming that we are about to undergo something with no parallel in human history and I'm trying my best to prepare. But I could be wrong, too and wasting a whole bunch of effort.

Time will tell.

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