Friday, September 17, 2010


Bet I get a bunch of hits from that title!

I've been following Ms. O'Donnell in her run for the Senate seat from Delaware and so far I've liked what I've seen. I keep hearing allusions to some sort of crazy things she has said in her past and this seems to be the one that most of the media is focusing on.

Christine O'Donnell believes masturbation is a sin. SAY IT'S NOT SO!! Apparently, this bit of heterodoxy is so offensive to the purveyors of our secular modern belief system that they were forced to put down their newest issue of Hustler, towel off and mount a holy war against this blasphemous and dangerous idea.

In reality masturbation has always been considered a sin, for exactly the reasons Ms. O'Donnell cites. Further, it offends the natural law by distorting the true purpose of sex. She is right and the perverse proselytizers of pornified personal pleasure are wrong.

I'm liking Ms. O'Donnell more every day.

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  1. They say that masturbation dulls the brain. Since the Democrats will vote against her we must assume they have been doing the naughty-nasty thing! LOL! ScotJu

  2. I just wish they'd keep it to themselves and quit jerkin' us around, too.

  3. The Democrats want anything that means no responsibility.