Sunday, August 22, 2010


I posted this link to an article by Ted Nugent on Facebook yesterday because I agree with what Nugent says and the overall tone of his article. It was reposted by a friend from high school with the commentary, “Ted Nugent is an idiot.”

I was going to reply to her on her page but since I pissed her and her friends off so much the last time I did I thought that perhaps I’d try and piss off a bunch of people on mine this time.

I’ve come to expect, for the most part, that to those of a, shall we say, more Progressive view point, intelligent argument is generally eschewed for name calling and vile invective. I don’t know why this is but I have to assume it’s because they function more on an emotional level than a logical one.

Nugent may be an idiot. I don’t know. However, his ability to communicate effectively using the written word would tend to argue against it. You or I may not agree with him but then the proper response would be to present a well reasoned argument in opposition, not to resort to childish name calling.

As to the content of his article, where does he go wrong? Perhaps it’s his call for military action against Muslims? Since he seems to limit this call for action to strikes against those that are attacking us, and since we are at war with Islam (there, I spoke the truth…hope it doesn’t piss you off too much) this seems to be the proper course of action. Would we have apologized for killing the Germans or Japanese during WWII?

As I stated in the last paragraph, we are involved in a religious war, a holy war, a war for the very survival of the West and Christendom. All of us that live in and love this country are fighting for our lives. All faiths and creeds are threatened by the evils of Islamic victory and Sharia Law. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, moderate Muslims and anyone else not in compliance with the dictates of the Mullahs will fall victim to the sword if the Islam of our attackers is allowed to take root. Our Western, and dare I say it, Judeo/Christian ideals of religious tolerance have allowed everyone the freedom to worship as they please in this country. That is something worth fighting for.

What, you say that it’s intolerant of me to say that this is a religious war? If it isn’t then why do we hear “Alluha Akbar!” on the lips of murderers as they pull the triggers on their guns or detonate the bombs on their backs? If it isn’t a religious war then why do the Mullahs endorse and demand violence of their followers?

If Catholics were running around blowing up people, and proclaiming that this was done in the name of Christ, I would be suspicious. If further, the pope and the bishops endorsed this behavior I would call it what it is, Catholic terrorism and open warfare. Why should I treat Islam any differently?

So where is Nugent wrong? Should the mosque be built at ground zero? He says no; I agree. Do the Muslims have a right to build it? As much as anyone else; which is what Nugent says, too. Do the people of America have a right to demand it be moved elsewhere? First Amendment, baby.

It’s interesting that in all the rush to fall on our sword in support of Islamic extremism, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed by the Islamic terrorists on Sept. 11, has been denied permission to rebuild on the spot it occupied before the attack. Wonder why?

And if this mosque isn’t meant to provoke and anger the American people then why is the proposed dedication scheduled for Sept. 11, 2011?

We’re in the waning days of the American experiment. We’ve so clouded our vision with timidity, cowardice and emotion that we can no longer see the truth. We have a country and ideals worth fighting for but we’re going to roll over and give it to the most oppressive group of people on earth. Say goodbye to freedom, forever.

So girls, get out your burqas and men starting growing your beard. And to my friend from high school, a self proclaimed lesbian, get ready to crawl way, way back in the closet; or die. Because that’s what my idiot huntin' brother Ted Nugent and I know is coming and we’re ready to fight against it, and for you. For some reason, you’d rather just call us names.

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  1. Keep up the good fight. For every ONE who listens it is worth it. We fight in love and freedom for truth and freedom.

  2. Ditto to what Marie Therese said.