Friday, August 20, 2010


This is an interesting video with one caveat.

The thing that makes me wonder about the authors understanding of Islam is his misunderstanding of Christianity, particularly Catholicism. We cannot "pick and choose" what part of the Bible to believe, even though many do. Christians believe that the Bible is true, entirely and completely. Further, the Catholic Church teaches that truth cannot contradict truth. This means that there are no contradictions in the Bible, even though there may appear to be on the surface.

We have to reconcile these apparent contradictions to understand the truth. The contradictions exist only in our poor understanding, not in reality.

Because the author of the video misses that basic, yet subtle understanding of Christianity I have to wonder what he's missing regarding subtleties of the Islamic faith.

Regardless, he is substantially correct in the majority of his assertions.

The words bouncing all around does get a bit bothersome, though.

H/T American Perspective (MaInfo)

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