Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Get the federal government out of farming, period. The USDA is not authorized in the Constitution, unless of course the "commerce clause" is interpreted in a manner way beyond the intent of those that wrote it.

Farmers get paid to leave their fields fallow. They get subsidies of all sorts for doing what the government wants. Every one of these actions comes at the expense of someone else, with property being taken from its legitimate owner to be redistributed to a farmer or corporation deemed worthy by the government.

So now the USDA will become the vehicle used by the adherents of Black Liberation Theology to force their twisted understanding of the Gospel on the rest of us by using reparation to force a redistribution of wealth on the American people. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

Was there discrimination at the USDA? It wouldn't surprise me. But there is also fraud being done by the Justice Department, the USDA, or whoever is in charge of handing out the reparations if 500% of the black farmers are being given money.

The simple solution? Get the federal government out of the farming business and our lives.

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