Monday, August 23, 2010


"A board member of a Catholic nonprofit organization who was told he could not become board president because he is gay is trying to rally support to modify the group's rules.

...Ronald Guz, the outgoing board president, said the organization didn't make the decision, but rather "the Catholic church did" in its teachings.

The group's executive director, Zip Rzeppa, wrote in an e-mail: "We serve all people without discrimination. And please note we are not discriminating against Jeff Goldone, a man who has done much good. He disqualified himself for the position of president by choosing to live a lifestyle of illicit sexual union, which falls outside the teachings of the Catholic Church, and outside the qualifications of the Society's international Rule."

Rzeppa added that the vetting process is different for president because the position holds so much authority, like the power to appoint other board members.

(St. Louis Archbishop Robert) Carlson, in a statement to the Post-Dispatch, said: "The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has a regulation that members running for president live a life according to church teaching. I clarified what church teaching is in the matter of homosexuality."

The catechism of the Roman Catholic Church labels homosexual acts as "acts of grave depravity" and "intrinsically disordered" because they "close the sexual act to the gift of life."
STL Today

Thank you Archbishop Carlson. Regardless of the qualifications of Mr. Goldone, the fact that he is a homosexual living in sin offsets any other consideration. St. Vincent de Paul has made the proper choice in this situation because if it were to allow Mr. Goldone to take the position it would be opening itself and the Church to scandal and ridicule, not to mention creating a situation that would sow confusion among the faithful regarding the Church and her teachings on homosexuality. The Church is not removing him from his current position, it just will not elevate him to the Presidency because of his personal choice. There is nothing unjust about this.

Mr. Goldone, I'm sure, knew of the regulation, yet he continues to flaunt it. Like so many others today he seems to believe that the rules don't apply to him; that somehow he's special. Sorry, my friend. If you are Catholic or work for a Catholic organization, the rules apply to you. If you don't like them, move on. Nobody's forcing you to work there.

Mr. Goldone states in his petition, ""If the organization is truly a Christian organization, it must not discriminate against anyone". Does he really believe this? What if the archdiocese attempted to place a known sexually abusive priest in the position of President? Would Mr. Goldone have said something about that? Or, what if the Archdiocese had insisted that someone convicted of murder (an intrinsic evil, just like homosexual sex) be elevated to the Presidency? Would Mr. Goldone have objected?

This false idea of Christianity, that it's some sort of a kumbaya, touchy-feely, purple dinosaur religion is wrong. Especially when it comes to Catholicism. Certain actions are wrong, forever and ever. Nothing will change that. Sex that is not open to life is right up there at the top. Because homosexuality, by it's nature, can never be open to life it will always be wrong and a sin. And Christianity should always discriminate against sin or it's just a pointless exercise in useless worship.

So once again, thanks Archbishop Carlson for standing up for the truth. And Mr. Goldone, you must learn to bend your will to Gods because you'll never get him to bend his to yours. If you can't do that, then find a different job with an organization that doesn't care how you live your life. This is still a free country. No one is forcing you to work for or be a member (if he is) of the Catholic Church. We're not talking about Afghanistan and the Taliban here. Yet, anyway.

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