Tuesday, August 3, 2010


'Warning of the possibility of a corrupt democracy, Texas priest Fr. Michael Rodriguez has written that Catholics have the “absolute duty” to oppose abortion and all government attempts to legalize same-sex unions.

The parish priest of El Paso’s San Juan Bautista Catholic Church, Fr. Rodriguez published a short essay in the Sunday El Paso Times urging all Catholics to take the teachings of the Catholic Church to heart.

Every Catholic, out of “fidelity to charity and truth,” must oppose “the murder of unborn babies” and the legalization of homosexual unions, he said.

“Any Catholic who supports homosexual acts is, by definition, committing a mortal sin, and placing himself/herself outside of communion with the Roman Catholic Church,” the priest wrote. Those Catholics who neglect actively to oppose the “homosexual agenda” on the grounds of equal rights and tolerance would be guilty of “a most grievous sin of omission.”
Catholic News Agency

Thanks, Father. It's high time that priests and other leaders in the Church speak the truth about homosexuality, regardless of the political consequences. Opposition to abortion is a given and I doubt that anyone is confused on the Church's stance in this regard. Same sex unions and homosexuality in general are treated far differently, probably because of the high number of homosexuals in the priesthood and higher up in the Church. This unholy infestation has clouded the moral certainty of the Church and impacted its ability to speak the truth.

I'm a libertarian and I really don't care what consenting adults do in their bedroom, as long as it causes no one else harm (which is a standard far harder to determine than most people understand. Our actions affect others in ways we will not understand until we stand before God in judgement). Enshrining a morally and societally destructive activity in law is a different matter. Laws serve as guideposts to behavior that benefits all. Homosexuality serves no societal good, only the selfish needs of the individual. It is destructive to society as a whole, perverting the sexual act meant to create new life in conjunction with God into a self serving act of lustful self gratification. The primary purpose of sex is to create life. Any sexual activity that is not open to that possibility, such as homosexuality, the use of birth control or masturbation offends the natural law and should not be made legal and through legalization elevated to a good. (That should have pissed off someone.)

The Church needs to make its teachings clear on this issue and stand for the truth, regardless of the condemnation that comes its way. There are some things more important than being liked, or even retaining a tax exemption.

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  1. This means that one can never ever vote Democrat given that party's official position on murdering the unborn and sanctifying the filth of homosexuality.

    Now I know you despise Republicans also, and perhaps rightly so, but in a close election between a Democrat and a Republican, the choice is clear (assuming the Republican isn't also a liberal nit wit).

    We're not going to get back our Republic. We're too far along the road to either Empire or Dictatorship (the difference being??????).

    So in a case like this, the lesser of two evils must be chosen. As much as I admire and like the Constitution Party, it doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. So I'd rather have an Empire under the Republicans than a Dictatorship under the Democrats. For me, it's that simple.

    To vote Democrat is to automatically vote for murdering the unborn and sanctifying the filth of sodomy.

  2. I don't want to vote for evil, period. The problem is that, as you say, the constitution Party doesn't stand a chance. I voted in the Republican primary today to try and at least get the best candidate on the ticket for the fall. At the state level I think the right guy will win...maybe. At the national level I'm thinking that Blunt will win. I'd prefer Purgason and may have trouble voting for Blunt in the general; unless it appears that every vote will be needed to defeat the other side. Pragmatism will trump ideals, as it usually does.

    Damn, I wish we'd see the Republicans would put up true Libertarian/Conservative candidates instead of party apparatchiks. I'm truly and completely tired of this lesser of two evils thing.