Monday, July 19, 2010


So maybe the NAACP screaming about racism in the Tea Party is the pot calling the kettle black...Oh no, was that a racist remark?



It appears that Ms. Sherrod's remarks were taken out of context.

"Sherrod's story about the white farmer took place more than two decades before she worked for USDA, and the entire point of the story was that race is not an issue. The story was about how she and the family became friends and how she eventually helped them save their farm.

In the wake of her resignation, the farmer's wife, Eloise Spooner, told CNN that Sherrod went all out to help them. "She's the one I can credit with helping us saving our farm," Spooner said, but 26 years later, conservative bloggers could rewrite that story to great effect."
The Root

The real problem that I have with this whole incident, as regards the NAACP, is the murmurs of approval for the discrimination that Ms. Sherrod admits to before her conversion. When you listen to her story it's completely understandable that she acted the way she did, even though it was wrong. That being said, there was no reason for the attendees at the speech to essentially endorse those racist actions.

We've got to get past this crap! If we don't stand together, as one American people, the freedoms we ALL enjoy will disappear. Have things always been perfect for everyone in this country? NO. But dammit, there is no place on the face of this earth that has allowed all of us the freedoms that this country has.

I don't care what color, creed or race you are! Are you an American and do you want to see that our country survives as a free Republic? If so, then you are my brother or sister. We must work together or we will all be slaves.

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