Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Never, ever doubt the power of the Church and God working through it! As we, the priests and laity, begin to relearn the old ways under the guidance of our Pope, we'll begin to see miracles happen. We've gone too long relying on science and the physical at the expense of God and the supernatural.

I've been learning over the past ten years or so to accept the gifts that I receive from God; not to fight them. I spent a big chunk of my life worrying about money and things. I've found that if I stop worrying and start listening that I get what I need. And I've learned to be happy with that. Because, strangely, many times the things that I'm given, usually that make no sense at the time, prove to be incredibly useful down the road. I'm not thinking of material things so much, more the gifts of insight and understanding. And more importantly, the gift of hope. I know the world's coming apart but it doesn't scare me. I know that evil has taken control, but it doesn't scare me. I know that much may be asked of me, even my life, but it doesn't scare me. None of this scares me because I'm protected. This doesn't mean I won't suffer or that my family won't suffer but I know that there is a reason behind it now. And I know that if I stay in God's grace that no matter what happens, I'll be protected.

What more can I ask out of life?

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