Friday, July 30, 2010


From the Franklin County Patriots:

"We need your help to make this Saturday a defining moment for the cause. You’ve got an opportunity to stand up for the principles of the Tea Parties. Below are the details of the demonstration in St. Louis that Tea Party members around the state will be participating in.

We are set to meet this Saturday, January 31, at 10:30am, on Watson Road between the GOP headquarters (located at 10825 Watson Rd) and Lindbergh, near where Michele Bachmann is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for Rep. Blunt. We will line the sidewalks spread as far as possible to send a clear signal: Roy Blunt is not Tea Party. The Tea Party is pro-Constitution, pro-free market.

The reason for the uproar among the Tea Party members is simple. Michele Bachmann has a reputation of being Tea Party friendly, and has spoken clearly in favor of embracing the core values of the patriotic movement. Roy Blunt, on the other hand, because of his voting record as a U. S. Congressman, is not particularly popular among many Tea Party groups. Among other things, Blunt voted for the Bank Bailout (TARP), “Cash for Clunkers” and No Child Left Behind. Blunt is also well known for being one of the largest recipients of lobbyist contributions in Washington, D.C., including Fannie and Freddie.

Immediately after news about the Bachman visit was aired, Tea Party groups around the state began to contact her campaign office to express their concern. As a rule, Tea Party organizations do not endorse political candidates. At this time about thirty Tea Party organizations have officially signed a statement saying that they do not support or endorse Roy Blunt because of his big government voting record and lobbyist ties.

The purpose of the rally is not to condemn Michele Bachmann, who is respected by many conservatives. Nor is it to campaign for or endorse any other candidates for the U. S. Senate race in Missouri. We encourage people to bring signs, but ask that they not be anti-Bachmann or ant-GOP. We suggest signs that show Roy Blunt does not represent Tea Party values. Examples: “Bailing Out Banks is Not in the Constitution,” “Tea Party = Principles Before Politics,” and “A Friend of Fannie and Freddie is NO Friend of Mine.”

Parking is available on both sides of Watson Road.

In addition to the rally that will be held Saturday, several Tea Party groups have organized a rolling Tea Party that will begin in Eureka, Missouri. The rolling Tea Party is promoting Proposition C which will also be on the August 3 ballot, and will travel through several communities before arriving at the site of the demonstration in Sunset Hills. You are encouraged to participate if possible. For more information on the rolling tea party, see the details on the Eureka Tea Party website."

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