Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Justices Expand Gun Rights
"The Supreme Court Monday extended nationwide the right to armed self-defense, a historic conclusion to an age-old battle over the meaning of the Second Amendment."
Wall Street Journal

The headline and the fist paragraph say everything that needs to be said about the current, pathetic understanding of our natural law rights and where they come from.

The justices didn't expand our extend a damned thing. Our rights belong to us and all the government can do, albeit not legally or morally, without our permission, is to remove or restrict them. I don't need the permission of SCOTUS, the Congress, the President or anyone else to arm myself for defense, say what I want, practice my faith the way I see fit or to choose who I'll associate with.

The very idea that government in any way, shape or form grants us our rights is repugnant and evil. It serves the purposes of those that would control us to have us believe this monumental lie. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans have bought into it.

We have subsumed our individual liberties to benefit the few at the top with the power to control us. We've allowed this to happen because we like comfort and refuse to stand up to this evil because a cost will be exacted against those that do.

We deserve what we've asked for.

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