Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As the Soros backed Center For American Progress pushes the President to focus on the Cap and Trade transfer of wealth scheme while the Iterior Secretary Ken Salazar does an end run around the courts to reimpose the drilling moratorium in the Gulf which benefits Petrobras, a company which is one of the two largest investments in the Soros portfolio, one has to wonder; who's running this country?

The focus of the administration seems to be squarely on the Soros agenda while the oil in the Gulf continues to flow. It's easy enough to see the oil slick that is poisoning the waters. I wish it were as easy to see the money trail that poisons our government.

"Barack Obama will on Wednesday make a renewed push to spur the US Senate into action on climate change, saying the BP oil spill underlines the urgency for the country to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels.

The US president will host senators from both parties at the White House – including those who have proposed variations on a climate change bill – but analysts are sceptical about whether he can overcome the political impasse on a proposal that is seen as essentially a tax.

“The oil spill has dramatically increased the urgency for the need to act,” said Daniel Weiss of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “But I’m not looking for any breakthrough at the meeting. I think President Obama wants to listen to various concerns and follow up on various ideas.”
Financial Times

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