Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"BP's stock plummeted and took much of the market down with it Tuesday as the federal government announced criminal and civil investigations into the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. BP engineers, meanwhile, tried to recover from a failed attempt to stop the gusher with an effort that will initially make the leak worse.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who was visiting the Gulf to survey the fragile coastline and meet with state and federal prosecutors, would not say who might be targeted in the probes into the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

"We will closely examine the actions of those involved in the spill. If we find evidence of illegal behavior, we will be extremely forceful in our response," Holder said in New Orleans."

Since our political leaders have no real solutions to the problem, like all good politicians they'll look for someone to blame and create a distraction from their own incompetence. We don't have time for any government resources to be used frivolously. Perhaps, and I know this is just crazy to even think about, the Attorney General should spend his time making sure that all the alphabet agencies get out of the way so that the states, BP and the military can do what what's necessary to get this blowout fixed, if that's even possible.

We have a group of inexperienced community activists running the most powerful country on earth at a time when we need every ounce of power available to us to stop potentially the most grave threat this country has ever faced. Yep, that's right, this will prove to be worse than any war we've ever been in when the final tally's are made, if we don't get it under control now. And the guys we've got running the place don't have a clue how to manage this because they've never run anything. It's impossible for them to lead. All they can do is manipulate.

Pray, pray, pray!!!

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