Thursday, June 10, 2010


"...There have been some signs recently that China’s blue-collar workforce is tired of being paid like factory workers in a Third World nations. Employees have closed three Honda (NYSE: HMC) plants and demanded raises of as much as 50%. Workers at Foxconn, a supplier of parts to companies such as Apple (NASDAQ: AAP), have used the suicide rate in the company’s facilities to push for and get a doubling of their daily compensation.The People’s Republic has countenanced the union behavior for the last several months, but patience may be growing thin. China knows that its manufacturing labor costs are going up as workers press for better conditions. Higher labor costs mean that the demand for goods made on the mainland will likely fall. The mighty Chinese export engine will falter. And, China will face competition from nations including Vietnam and Mexico.

The Chinese government may well decide that it can control labor costs, if it is willing to control unions within its borders. The way the country handled unrest last year is telling. Police force was kept at a minimum briefly. Informants were used to identify the leaders of the strike movements. They apparently disappeared. or at least the drop in the riots would say so."

From Machiavelli:

"A PRINCE must defend his state with either his own subjects or mercenaries, or auxiliaries. Mercenaries are utterly untrustworthy; if their captain be not an able man the prince will probably be ruined, whereas if he be an able man he will be seeking a goal of his own. This has been perpetually exemplified among the cities and states of Italy which have sought to maintain themselves by taking foreigners into their pay."

With the current partnership in America between the administration and the unions can unrest be far behind? At the moment they both share a common goal, that of the eventual destruction of the American capitalist system and replacing it with at the least a European Democrat Socialist model or complete Communism. They've moved well along their way, passing healthcare, backing failing union pensions with public money, handing the ownership of private corporations (GM and Chrysler) over to the unions and government control, using public funds to bolster the pay of union workers in the public sector and on and on. But a wrench is about to be thrown into their plans.

November is election time and things aren't looking good for the Progressives and their Communist partners in the unions. The political winds are blowing favorably for a conservative victory, maybe even a landslide. While most politicians may be wedded to a cause they are more solidly joined to their own survival. Many of the same politicians that have supported the radical causes espoused by the administration and their buddies in the unions will shift away from them if they think their survival depends on it.

Now, if we accept the premise, one offered up by Glenn Beck, that the main difference between Progressivism and Communism is the means used to achieve the ends desired we are in for big troubles in the next few months. Beck asserts that Progressives seek change through evolution, deliberate actions changing small pieces that add up to massive change, while Communists rely on revolution, massive and violent abrupt change at the end of a gun barrel. The Russian, Chinese and Cuban revolutions spring to mind here.

Most of the politicians that have backed the Obama administration are Progressives. They are willing to accept a defeat here and there with their long term goals still intact. Strategic retreats, if you will. The Communists that have supported Obama through the unions and community organizers, on the other hand, want massive and violent revolutionary change and they sense blood in the water.

If the Progressive politicians, as I expect they will, begin to stage a strategic withdrawal in the attempt to retain their power, their heretofore willing accomplices on the Communist side of the equation will not stand for it. They are ready and prepared to follow the script they are acting out now in Europe and plunge this country into turmoil. We've seen the beginnings of it in the beat down of Gladney and the protesters showing up at the homes of bankers. We've seen marches on Wall Street and death threats against New Jersey's Governor.

These guys are playing for keeps.

So how will the government react? Will it stand idly by as the country disintegrates, or will it act like China, brutally repressing the demonstrations and in the process declaring martial law and shredding the Constitution? The unions and the rest are going to go all in on this, leaving only two choices, because both work to their advantage. All they really want is power and both answers give it to them. At least to the guys at the top, and that's what Communism is all about anyway.

Brace yourselves for what's coming late in the summer or early in the fall, sometime before the elections when times are desperate. Prepare yourselves and your families. Talk to your friends if you believe as I do that this is coming.

But most of all, pray. The only real answer to what's about to overwhelm us is God. If we open our hearts and listen He'll lead us to safety.

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  1. "Brace yourselves for what's coming late in the summer or early fall" is beginning locally even now....if you consider St. Louis 50+ miles east of us local. Just in the last few days to week or so there have been countless shootings, running gun battles with authorities, car inhabitants firing on other cars with children in the back seats so much so that citizens are having meetings about how to curb the violence. It almost seems like it has become some kind of sport. The first opinion interviewed was to collect all the 'illegal' guns. One woman commented that these are angry teens. This is the cancer in the inner cities just about to metastasize. You combine disenfranchised youth with no fear of consequence for taking a life with desperate unemployed hungry people and 'hot time, summer in the city' and I fear what we witnessed in the 70's will pale in comparison. Your are right, Tom. Pray!Pray!Pray!

  2. The breaking point will come in America when the govt cannot provide the union members with the rate of pay to which they have become accustomed. Then we'll see Greek-style riots following by Chinese style repression. The unions will have brought this on themselves with 50 years of entitlements.