Friday, June 25, 2010


"Is it really raining BP oil in Louisiana?
That might certainly be what some people across the world might believe.
For instance, here is a video found on Youtube entitled “Raining Oil in Louisiana”.
One watching the video would believe that oil was just pouring from the skies like cats and dogs.
A voice on the video says “it raining oil everywhere”.
He also says he is in River Ridge.
Anyone knowing the New Orleans area would surely know that River Ridge is hours away by car from any oil sighting.
Also, on the Youtube video there is a picture of what appears to be dead crabs near a water drain.
Crabs do not normally crawl the streets of a major residential area totally remote from any waters. And why would a crab just happen to land by a sewage drain dripping in oil?"
Bayou Buzz

The article above is referring to a video that has gone around the net over the last few days and which I posted here. The author says the video is fabricated. Maybe it is. However, if you look at it the mass that he claims is a crab looks an awful lot like leaves to me. Could it be a crab? I suppose. But it could just as easily be something else.

And while River Ridge may be hours away from any oil sighting by car, if you look at a
map it's about thirty miles to the Gulf, as the crow flies. Oil is lighter than water so I see no reason it can't be carried in the rain and would expect it to happen.

People in New Orleans have been complaining about the smell of oil and dispersant since this blowout began. If they can smell it, it ain't that far away.

So the question remains whether the video of oil in the streets of River Ridge is true or not. I don't know for sure. The one thing I do know is that there is one hell of a lot of oil on the streets in that video. Even after a long dry spell around here, when the rains finally come and the oil washes of the roads, I've never seen anything like what's in the video.

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