Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ain't technology grand?

"Present opinion of the birth control pill has been formed by a “sophisticated marketing campaign” which hides the Pill’s dependency on abortion and its connections with the eugenics movement, one pro-life writer says.

Denver attorney Rebecca R. Messall offered her view in an editorial published on the website of the Denver Post. She wrote in response to a Post story which linked the Pill to Mother’s Day.

The Post discussed birth control advocate and Planned Parenthood foundress Margaret Sanger, saying she went to the American West where “independent thinkers” were willing to take up her issues. The story quoted both proponents of the Pill, who thought the contraceptive was an “historic boon to mothers,” and opponents, who said the drug is harmful to women and can cause abortions.

Messall, who has written for the pro-life journal The Human Life Review, claimed that the Post “chose to celebrate everything glaringly responsible for preventing or terminating motherhood” for a day dedicated to honoring motherhood.

...“Throughout its existence Planned Parenthood has been a key tool to reduce or eliminate births among blacks, other minorities and the disabled,” Russell wrote in the Post.

She attributed the eugenics and population control movement’s power to “huge trusts with billions of dollars in global assets” that are themselves likely funded by corporations which distribute birth control pills and other contraceptive drugs and devices. She suggested that U.S. taxpayer funding also supports this system because of politicians who receive campaign donations from these corporations and like-minded individuals."
Catholic News Agency

"A new remote-control abortion pill-dispensing system being used by Planned Parenthood in Iowa has come under fire from pro-life advocates who say the “telemed abortion” method kills unborn children, bypasses the doctor-patient relationship and risks the life and health of mothers.

“This is how far we have fallen. Drugs strong enough to kill and expel a baby are dispensed like aspirin,” commented Priests for Life President Fr. Frank Pavone in the National Catholic Register.

The remote system allows a Planned Parenthood physician from Des Moines to talk to each patient at another Planned Parenthood outlet by video conference, the Des Moines Register reports. The physician can then press a computer button to open a drawer in front of the patient to provide the abortion pills."
Catholic News Agency


  1. It gets worse. See:

    Autism caused by vaccines developed from the cells of aborted human infants!

  2. This is an excerpt from a fertility site:

    After your bleeding period is over, your body starts producing estrogen, and the ovaries are being primed for ovulation. If the cervical fluid becomes fertile up to five days prior to ovulation and you have sexual intercourse, the sperm can live inside your fallopian tube during this time. For example, you can have sexual intercourse on Monday and not ovulate until Friday but still conceive. The chances of conceiving a girl are greater this way because female sperm tend to live longer than male sperm. Given the fact that sperm can live up to five days inside a woman’s body, the egg only lives 12 to 24 hours. Rarely, a second egg will pop out 24 hours after the first. So tentatively there is about a week long window for conception to occur. Attributed to

    I also looked up the morning after pill on planned parenthood’s site:

    Planned parenthood says the Morning After Pill can “prevent pregnancy up to five days after you have sex. It says the pregnancy cannot happen because the hormones in the pill causes a thickness in the cervical mucus and that thickness prevents sperm from getting to the egg. It also thins the lining of the uterus which may prevent the egg from attaching to it. They specifically say this pill is not abortion; however, if the sperm can live inside the fallopian tubes for five days it can already be fertilizing the egg before you take this pill. Am I correct? If that is the case and you prevent the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus, isn’t that technically an abortion?

    They say on their YouTube commercial, if you are already pregnant it won’t have any affect on the pregnancy. But, if the egg has been fertilized and not yet attached, won’t this prevent the pregnancy from going to term? Can you check on it?

    Don't remember my Google Acct # so I'm anonymous right now. Love, your wife, Kathy

  3. For more on the eugenic agenda of Planned Parenthood - watch the documentary: Maafa21 - here-