Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As the government and BP go on and on about their "success" in containing the blowout the real truth is that the oil is about to round the corner and enter the Gulf Stream. Next stop, Georgia and the Carolinas, then on across the ocean to Europe.

All the while, the oil continues to flow.

"Tuesday, Florida's oil forecast went from grim to grimmer.

Lab tests were announced showing that an invisible layer oil exists deep into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, lending credibility to fears that the spill may devastate Gulf sea life and have impact far beyond what the eye can see.

And the head of a group of scientists closely tracking the oil's location said that a small slick may be rounding Florida's tip - and that the delicate oceanic balance keeping the oil away looks to be shifting, potentially bringing a whole lot more of it to the Atlantic and Palm Beach County."
Palm Beach Post

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