Thursday, May 27, 2010



Villa Ridge, where this occurred, is not very far from my house. This crap makes me sick. We don't need it around here.

I've got black families that live all around me, most descended from slaves that were owned by farmers in the area. Their forefathers bought their own farms and stayed here after the war. Pacific, the next town over has a Mayor, Herb Adams, that is one of those descendants. Mostly everybody gets along fine out here. Sure, you hear the occasional remark, something stupid from a white guy about blacks and I'm sure it goes the other way, too. That's just human nature and part of living in a country that is made up of people from around the world.

But we don't need the old days of Klans and hatred to come back. My family had a farm in Stanton, a town about 25 miles from here, 100 years ago and I know the stories that I heard from my grandma about how blacks were treated back then. Of course, my grandma's family was Italian and they had their own problems. My parents have told me about a sign in Eureka, Mo., another town about 15 miles away, years ago when they used to have a clubhouse on the river there, that told the blacks not to be in town after dark. So the lady in the video that talks about not being able to go inside to eat her ice cream in Union (the county seat of Franklin County) when she was a kid doesn't surprise me at all.

The ugly reality is that Missouri was a slave state and many of the old beliefs took a long time to die. But, for the most part they have. Except among the toothless, crack smoking, low life white trash bastards that are a drain on our society. I'm tired of seeing toothless crackheads wandering around our county and causing problems. My guess is that it just these sorts of people or kids that hang with the lowlifes that did this.

I fear that as society comes apart and jobs become scarce the stupid among us will begin to look for someone to blame their misfortune upon. The one place they won't look is in the mirror. The coming storm is going to cause real hardship and suffering for all of us, black and white. We need to work together as a community, using all of the talents that God has distributed among us for the good of us all. We cannot afford to let racist morons get in the way of the common good and our survival.

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