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Cardinal George Pell said the new mass had a "different cadence" to the translation of the Roman Missal that two generations of Australian Catholics grew up with, and which was a "bit dumbed-down".

...The new translation places a heavier emphasis on Christ's sacrifice and underlines the dependence of individuals on God. In one of the most controversial changes, the words of the consecration in the mass specify that Christ shed his blood "for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins", rather than "for all" as the present translation puts it.

Cardinal Pell said the change reflected the official Latin version of the Roman Missal, and although Christ died for everybody, this would remind worshippers of the need for personal repentance.

In the creed, the faithful will now say "I believe" rather than "we believe", emphasising the importance of personal belief."
The Australian

On Tuesday's show, Beck called on church leaders to "stand up for individual rights." Beck, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, said the gospel is about individual salvation only.

"It's individual salvation. The Lord doesn't call us up, review our salvation and go, 'Ok now hang on just a second. Now serving group number 10!' It's individual. Your church is either for socialist government or the living of the gospel. It's either about God or government. Tonight you're going to find out which is which," said Beck.

...Falwell was not alone this week in referring to Jesus' parable to discuss social justice. The day before the Beck broadcast, the American Family Association's (AFA) Bryan Fischer said the talents parable runs counter to "the worldview of Jim Wallis."

"Bottom line," said Fischer, "Jesus, as much as Wallis will hate to admit it, had capitalism in his DNA."

Efrem Smith wrote on Sojourners' God's Politics Blog that this interpretation of the parable is wrong because it roots the gospel in "individualism and capitalism."
"The church is called to make disciples and to do justice and love mercy," said Smith. "Let the Word of God drive the evangelical church and its theology, not a political talk show host."
Christianity Today

So is Glenn beck right about salvation and the individual? Or should we listen to the Progressives when they link our salvation to the group? And why does the new translation of the Mass highlight the individual relationship in a return to tradition? Is our personal relationship with Christ all that matters? If so, why have a church community?

I certainly don't look to Beck or any other talk show host for my religious edification. However, truth is truth and it can exist in many forms in many places. His understanding of religion, in the abstract, is similar to mine, especially in relation to the Constitution and the intent of the Founders. Obviously there is a great deal of difference between Catholicism and Mormonism, points of contention that I don't wish to address here.

The religion of Progressivism is antithetical to Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It's reliance on group think and corporate salvation through the state denies the efficacy of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Beck in this belief. However, his reliance on individual salvation goes a bit too far.

While we will stand as individuals before God in our personal judgement our salvation is bound up in our relationship within our families. The basic unit of human existence is the family. Families reflect the inner reality of the triune God, multiple persons, one nature. We exist, live, die and find our path to salvation inside our familial relationships, never alone. No man is an island.

It is in either rejecting or failing to recognize this simple fact that both Evangelicals and Progressives lose their way. Both swing too far in the opposite directions. As usual, the Catholic Church finds the sweet spot, theologically speaking, in melding two seemingly opposing views into a sensible and correct understanding of true human nature.

Of course, the Evangelicals come closest to the truth while the Progressives are playing for the other team. Progressivism is so appealing simply because it contains just enough distortion of the truth to seem like it is the right way to those that have forgotten the true meaning and function of the family. Progressivism replaces true family as designed by God with the family of the state. It uses government to fill the hole it created through the actions it has taken to destroy the real family of God.

Satan is one devious bastard!

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