Monday, May 17, 2010


This is the report from Conservative Monster on Day 4 of the Obama trial in Harlem. I'm still not sure that anything of real substance has been established. I guess the Fox news video counts for something but otherwise it seems to still be hearsay without evidence to back the claims up.

I guess in some ways the Reverend is trying to prove a negative, something which is mighty difficult to do.

Pastor Manning then submitted into evidence a documentary done by Bill Hemmer of Fox News on Obama, prior to the election. The video stated that "over 400 students and faculty were questioned and not one of them knew of Obama or the fact that he even attended Columbia University".

1. The video also showed Obama's school records from Indonesia where it stated that his name was Barry Soetoro and that his religion was Islam. Obama's "Fight the Smears" website once stated that Obama never was a Muslim, but this school records proves that to be untrue.

2. The Fox News documentary stated Obama lived in 96th Street and 1st Ave in NYC, but that seems to contradict his book where he states that he lived in 109th street and Broadway.

3. Obama traveled to Pakistan when he was just 20 years old (more on this later)

4. Obama's roommate was an illegal alien (Pakistani) named Saddiqi.

Witnesses Sabbath La Fleur and her sister Precious La Fleur

Both testified that they checked the Columbia University archives and yearbooks dating from 1980-1985 and they could find no evidence or photos of any Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro. They also testified that they could not find any Phil Bonner either. Obama stated in his book that Bonner was a friend of his that attened Columbia University with him, after a transfer from Occidental college.

1. The professor that Obama named in his book also could not be found in the archives accorded to their testimony.

2. Nothing related to Obama's name could be found in the Political Science dept.

3. Teachers spoke of Obama in his elementary school, his High School, Occidental College and Harvard as well, but no professors have ever mentioned him from Columbia University.

4. Obama stated that he used to hide in the Butler Library, but the witness stated that Library is a major meeting place and it is always very crowded. There is no way to hide there without meeting someone. Yet, nobody ever saw Barry in the Butler Library.

5. There was also a theory that Obama attended the Latrice Mudumba school in Moscow during that time he claimed he was in Columbia, but this has never been proven. This school was created by the Russians to teach radical Marxism to students to help spread communism throughout the world.

6. No photos of Obama taken at his Columbia graduation

Witness Al Landry - Investigative Reporter

1. Al Landry states that Passport office was broken into on March 21, 2008 and that the operation was amateur compared to the Wategate break in. This break in involved the passport records of Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama. It was interesting how at first the report did not include Obama in the report of passports that were breached.

Landry believes that this break in was possibly done to cleanse Obama's passport records or possible evidence.

2. Lt. Harris found murdered (gun shot) on April 17th, 2008. Lt. Harris worked for the State Department and he was in charge of the Social Security numbers and passport information. Harris was supposedly cooperating with investigators about the break in. Landry suggests that Harris was "at the wrong place at the wrong time".

The Harris murder has never been solved.

3. Landry then states that it was interesting that Obama's mother Stanley Dunham Soetoro lived in Pakistan for 5 years in an exclusive Hotel called the Hilton International. Obama most likely set up his mother with a job working for the Asian Development Bank. Pastor Manning alleges that this Bank was a front for the CIA.

4. SHOCKING DETAIL - Landry states that he read the Public Service registry in Pakistan and on that registry it stated - "44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama and in parenthesis it said (Kenyan Born).

Video on Obama's Community Organizer days

Manning stated that he wanted to submit this video as evidence due to it's claim that Obama handed in many resumes during the two year span after he claims that he graduated from Columbia University.

Pastor Manning then questions "Why is Columbia University so silent on this issue?" I am sure that we all know that answer.

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  1. Ken B. - Fort Mill, SCMay 18, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    How much MORE evidence do you need? This is an open and shut case. PERIOD.

  2. I would like to see something that is verified by a second or third party with solid evidence. The Fox stuff has some credibility, but only because I assume they checked their sources. That being said, I'd like to see what or who those sources are.

    As for the statements of Precious and Sabbath Le Fleur: they say things without citing sources. I have friends that I went to high school with that never appeared in the year book. So what? They were in school every day. They claim nobody ever saw Obama in the library. How do we know that everyone that could have ever seen him was interviewed?

    Who the hell is Al Landry? And why should we trust his testimony? How do we know that what he says is true? What evidence did he supply? He can say anything he wants. Where is the registry he claims to have read?

    I don't trust anything or anybody. I'm from Missouri and I want you to show me. The garbage that is being presented as evidence would not be permitted in court.

  3. Ken B. - Fort Mill, SCMay 18, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    Okay. The second source is his wife who has twice said that he is from Kenya. What better source could there be than your own spouse. Therfore, if he is from Kenya he could no way possible be eligible for POTUS.

    Moreover, if you went to any university and you were as popular as they say Obama was while attending these universities, then how in the world would there not be any, I mean not any documentation (class pic, extra curricular activities pic) etc. posted in the student newspaper, yearbook and the like?

    What about his transcript? Oh, I forgot, the university has been advised to not release it, that is, if they had a transcript to release.

    How about a class paper or test score from one of the professors, or how about a lady friend or even a male freind that he hung out with?

    You would have to have been a TRUE HERMIT to not be notice at Columbia University. And we all know that Obama is no hermit.

    These are things that make you go, Hmm.....

  4. There are so many things about our President that make me go hmmm... that it drives me crazy. The thing is that I'd like to see positive evidence of some of the charges levied against him.

    The "natural born" clause needs to be clarified. What exactly does it mean? McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Was he eligible for the Presidency? Where was the Constitutional scholar that could have argued this point as it pertains to Obama?

    I agree with you regarding the transcripts and all the other oddities surrounding Obama's time at Columbia. Where was the witness that can state definitively that he never attended? We need more than vague assertions. The lack of evidence is not evidence.

    Everything is always murky and circumstantial surrounding Obama's past. While that does make me go hmmm... it also lends itself to feeding conspiracy theories that can never be proven.

    Is this by design? Perhaps. Still, the evidence presented, at least in my view, has not cleared the hurdle of reasonable doubt.

  5. Ken B. - Fort Mill, SCMay 20, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    Maybe these two links will help you clear the hurlde of reasonable doubt.

  6. Hey Ken. Thanks, I'll look at them.

    I've got to tell you that spiritually and intellectually I'm pretty well over the hurdle. My problem with the whole thing is that there is still no proof because all the evidence is locked up. While this seems pretty damning, it still isn't enough to convict.

    What needs to happen is for a well respected and highly credible legal mind to make the case, say someone like Judge Napolitano. If the argument for original intent can be made understandable and compelling then Obama would be forced to open the books or he would convict himself in the court of public opinion.

    The problem with circuses like the trial in Harlem is that they destroy the credibility of the argument. Like all good conspiracy stories they raise a million questions without once supplying provable answers or even enough credible circumstantial evidence to clear the reasonable doubt hurdle. It may be convincing to those that are predisposed to believe it but it's not enough to break through the wall of obfuscation erected by the administration and their lap dogs in the media.

    I hate to say it but the hurdles are to high for this to get traction. Without some sort of breakthrough that can't be ignored this isn't going anyplace. The administration has too much control of the media. And soon they'll control the internet, too.

  7. Ken B. - Fort Mill, SCMay 24, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    I agree, there need to be some well known, high influential person to stand up and speak out on this issue.

    Hopefully, this will happen, and I hope very soon.