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On January 7 a reputed seer named Pedro Regis in Brazil claimed the Blessed Mother told him that "in the great final tribulation, those who consecrate themselves to Me will be protected. I suffer because of My poor withdrawn children. The land of the mountain will be shaken, and mountains will come down in many places. Those who were faithful to the end will not experience defeat (A terra da montanha será abalada e em muitos lugares montanhas descerão)."

That was interesting because less than a week later, on January 12, a quake causing massive damage hit the country of Haiti -- known as "the land of the mountains."

It seemed (but for the plural for mountain) like a direct prophetic "hit."
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I'm one of those crazy Catholics that believes mankind does receive messages from God. Most seem to be the normal day to day prompts and proddings we all feel if we just pay attention and listen for them. Do this, do that, turn right, help here. I hear and feel these little pushes all the time. I'm blessed that I know what they are. I keep my Guardian Angel working overtime.

Because I believe in these minor messages I see no reason not to believe the world as a whole is receiving the same grace. I believe that there are people with a gift of prophecy and that some are given messages directly from God and through Mary. The question is, which are legitimate?

"Ye shall know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:16

That's the rule that the Church uses in determining whether a vision is true or not. We should do the same thing. We need to look carefully at what the seers say they are told. Does anything contradict Church teaching? Are we being told something that "feels" wrong? I still am reluctant to accept Medjugore because some of the things I've read in the messages just don't "feel" right. However, I know that I could be wrong so I listen to the messages and, I guess, take them under advisement.

Pedro Regis, the seer mentioned above, has had some uncanny success in what he has said will happen. Does this mean he's the real thing? I don't know. You can read the messages here.

The thing that I've noticed in the messages he says he is receiving is the sense of doom. Most of the other seers have always said they are being told that we still have time and that we can change the future through prayer and holiness. Regis' messages are much darker. They say that the die is cast, that mankind has moved past the point of redemption and has entered into a time of judgement. That our prayer should now be focused on growing closer to Jesus to strengthen ourselves for the events to come, events that are already in motion and cannot be stopped. He claims that he is being told we've made our choice and now must suffer the consequences.

This "feels" right to me. I've been having the same exact sense of the future for the last year or so. It seems as though Satan has seen his plan come to fruition. Our society is broken and disconnected from the truth. We have become a people of the self, putting everything else to the rear. We search for pleasure and comfort at any cost. The only truth we recognize is the "truth" we create to justify our actions. We are running at full speed and expending all our energy to get the first seat on the bus to Hell.

So is Regis right? Is he truly being given messages straight from God through our Holy Mother? I don't know but I think he bears watching. See if the things he is saying come true. His predictions are far more specific than most so they will be easy to verify. And that makes me think he may be the real thing. God knows we're dummies so it would make sense to give us prophets that we can't deny without denying the truth; especially as it becomes absolutely imperative that we know what is coming.

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  1. I share your feeling on this. His (Pedro's) prophecy on the gulf coast disaster is yet another apparently direct hit. Yet people will claim that he could just as well have been talking about a hurricane and not the oil spill, knowing hurricanes would be likely. People will remain blind, willfully. They don't want to believe. Pray, pray, pray.

  2. From New Zealand. I agree with you all. I look at what Pedro is saying 2 or 3 times each week and yes, I think that all of the prophecies will come to fruition, but just not in the order in which he receives them. We need to pay attention to what he is saying.We are going to experience some harsh chastisements because we have allowed society to sink so low.

  3. I am from Croatia, and my opinion is close to yours but... one message drew my attention number 3231 from the date of 24.10.2009. In the message referred to the state of Yugoslavia. In fact we all know that such a state doesnt exist since 1991. ie from 2006. when the last two republics Serbia and Montenegro separated.
    So it looks like that our Lady gave a message for a state that doesnt exist!