Thursday, December 17, 2009


"A California mayor’s comments saying that homosexuals are committing sin that will keep them out of heaven have caused uproar among activists. While the mayor also explained that he loves his close friends who are gay, some activists have called for him to resign and want the city to advance homosexual goals."

Catholic News Agency

What if the Tall Boot Sheep Loving Club wants to advance its agenda? Should they be given preference, too? Homosexuality is wrong according to the Natural Law, the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and most of the American people.

You may disagree with the rest of us. You may believe that it is perfectly acceptable to give into every disordered impulse you have. Fine. Do it on your own time in your own house with full grown adults that share your opinion. If it doesn't hurt anyone else (and there are a lot of ways to cause harm so turn off the selfishness and think about this) go for it. Just don't expect the rest of society to elevate your deviant lifestyle to some special place of honor.

And, when someone speaks the truth about it, just shut up. Show some class; and shame. Because, it may feel good but then so does doing heroin. And involvement in both is a sign of weakness, giving in to your base instincts instead of elevating yourself above them.

We are all given crosses to bear. Sometimes we do better at it than other times. Forgiveness is there for all who ask but a precondition to forgiveness is a contrite heart and an intent to stay away from the sin.

Those that promote the homosexual lifestyle and activities are not trying to bear their cross with dignity and a sense of sacrifice. They are wallowing in a cesspool of self indulgence. I hope they enjoy themselves. But quit trying to drag everyone else in with you. Even if everyone becomes homosexual it will still be a sinful activity. Popular opinion cannot change the truth.

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