Sunday, December 13, 2009


"A new billboard off of Interstate 70 in Missouri provides a short “citizens guide to REVOLUTION of a corrupt government” and issues a call to “PREPARE FOR WAR.”

This billboard replaces one that warned that the socialist “Obama-Nation” is “coming for you.” It’s unclear who the owner of the billboard is, but the first one was the work of a “Missouri businessman.”

While it’s unclear who owns it, the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee seems to endorse it."

EU Times
(H/T Gateway Pundit)

For those that are unfamiliar with my beloved state of Missouri I'll like to give you a bit of history. It all begins in another state, or at least a place that was soon to acquire statehood. Its name, Kansas.

Bleeding Kansas!

In 1854 Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska act creating the territories of both Kansas and Nebraska. In the process this act nullified the Missouri Compromise and opened territories North of the 36th parallel (approx.) to slavery. Popular Sovereignty was written into the proposal in an attempt to satisfy both sides of the slavery issue. In reality, it began a war along the Kansas-Missouri border that in seven years would become the American Civil War.

The war fought in this area was nothing like the comparatively civilized warfare in the East. It was a war of retribution. Scores were settled. Families and towns, even entire regions were destroyed. Missouri was the site of the third highest number of battles during the war. It was fighting at its most personal level. Men hung in front of their children and wives raped in front of their husbands. Executions and mutilated bodies were the norm. Both sides fought under the black flag. The single greatest atrocity of the war occurred here at Centralia.

After executing 23 unarmed Union soldiers at the train depot, Bloody Bill Anderson lured a detachment of soldiers under the command of Major A.V.E. Johnson four miles from town. In a matter of minutes 123 soldiers along with their commander lay dead. Participants reported that after the battle and the complete destruction of the Union forces the mutilation of the corpses was so complete that not a head was attached to the body it started with.

I write this to try and put this billboard in context. Lafayette County is the heart of guerrilla country. Less than an hours drive East of Kansas City this area of the state saw some of the worst fighting. To see this sign here is to see a very clear signal of what is ahead. I know that this may sound like crazy talk but I know my state and the people that live in it, especially the rural areas. We are but a few generations removed from Anderson, Dave Poole, Archie Clement and the James boys. In attitude we are not far removed at all.

This billboard stands as clear and irrefutable proof that we are returning to those years that led up to the war. The nation is simmering, nearing a boil. Our political leaders and so many others are blind to this. But the signs are all around us, if you are willing to open your eyes.

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