Thursday, December 10, 2009


What is it with England? Always wanting the Church to change to accomodate the politicians needs.

The Anglican Church is starting to splinter over the liberal direction its leaders have taken it. The people are coming home to Rome. Is this a sign. Is Europe as a whole beginning to rise? Are the people of Europe seeing the effects of decades of secularization? Is the threat of Islam and Sharia forcing a line to be drawn in the sand?

Pray for Europe and America. We have held our birthright cheaply and squandered it on hedonism and libertinism. We have thrown away thousands of years of traditions and learning for pleasure and ease. And we are about to be overrun.

"The Catholic bishops of England and Wales said they could be at risk of prosecution under a proposed law unless they accept women, sexually active gays and transsexuals as candidates to the priesthood.

They made their claims in a briefing for Catholic members of the House of Lords, Britain's upper political chamber, ahead of a scheduled Dec. 15 debate on the Equality Bill, which aims to stamp out discrimination in the workplace.

The bishops said the bill defines priests as employees rather than officeholders. Under the terms of the bill, the church would be immune from prosecution only if priests spend more than 51 percent of their time in worship or explaining doctrine."...

..."The government is saying that the church cannot maintain its own beliefs in respect of its own priests," he said.

Neil Addison, a Catholic lawyer who heads the Thomas More Legal Centre, which specializes in religious discrimination law, said that in the worst-case scenario the church could not only be sued but bishops could face imprisonment and unlimited fines and church assets could be sequestered. He said the bill would have the effect of making it impossible for the bishops to discipline clergy who wanted to live "alternative lifestyles."

Earlier, the bishops said the bill could force Catholic schools and health care institutions to remove crucifixes from their walls in case they offend non-Christian employees."

Catholic News Service

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