Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yes Father, climate change (if it is happening) will effect the poor. So will socialist one world government policies that will, as they always have, serve to only increase the wealth of those in power. Yet, the Vatican seems to always try to crawl in bed with the powers that would force this corrupt system of control on us. Why doesn't Rome ever try to look at free market, capitalistic reforms and incentives that would create jobs for the poor? And, why don't they come to America to see them? Why does the Vatican always support those that have proven again and again that they have no solution for poverty, that won't allow their people the freedom to make their own way in life? Why in the area of politics does the Church always seem to be on the wrong side?

I have a theory. The leaders of the Church, many in positions of extreme power, don't believe in what the Church teaches. They are not working for God but for themselves. They are seeking temporal power and will use whatever seems politically expedient to acquire it. Many of the Church leaders are working against the Church, in the service of evil, causing scandal and driving the faithful away, into damnation.

Something big is going to happen. Jesus promised that He would protect His Church until the end of time. He will not allow this to stand. Stay close to the Vicar of Christ. He, by the fact of the office he holds, is the rock. Peter will lead us home.

"The director of the Vatican Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, asked delegates gathered at the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, to remember that everyone must assume their responsibility in the area of climate change and focus on its impact on the poor."

Catholic News Agency

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