Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Just keep repeating, "It's not a religious war, it's not a religious war." And when you get done with that start in on, "Islam is a peaceful religion."

Until the world comes to grip with the fact that we ARE involved in a holy war and starts to develop long range tactics to deal with it we will never see an end. At least, not until we are destroyed. By we, I mean Western civilization in general and Judeo/Christianity in particular.

These Islamic fanatics that we are fighting will not stop until Islam is the only religion. They will gladly die for their faith. Just like the Kamikaze of World War II, for the Muslim, religion and politics have combined into a force so potent that ones life is secondary to the cause. If our enemy has no fear of death, and in fact welcomes it, short of total annihilation how do we put an end to their aggression?

We won't. We cannot reason with the person that is convinced beyond all else that he is doing the work of his god. I would be the same way because I take my faith seriously. So, we either convert them or destroy them. The fanatics that we are facing will not live in peace with what they see as the work of Satan.

And perhaps this is what lies at the root of the problem. Western society, in the name of inclusion and acceptance, has decided to do a deal with Satan. In return for our soul we have been given every comfort and vice we desire. We have used our God given freedom to do as we wish and used it to satisfy every lust we have. We have forgotten that rules exist for us to follow and that had we followed them we very likely would not find ourselves in the place that we do; at war with those that despise us for our wealth and our inability to reign in our desire for more.

This is not meant to excuse those that have attacked us. We have a right to defend ourselves and our way of life. In fact, we have a duty to do this. But, when it is all said and done, when the bodies are buried and we can start to rebuild, we need to turn back to our maker and relearn the rules that rightly govern our existence. If we cannot swallow our pride and accept the fact that we are not in control, we will eventually find ourselves right back in the same spot again. We need to put ourselves back in a right relationship with God and his creation. We need to accept our place in life and work to the good of ourselves, our families and our neighbors. Greed is not good. Holiness is.

"On Thursday Nov. 26, St. Ephrem's Chaldean Church and the nearby presbytery in the Northern City of Mosul were destroyed when attackers walked in and detonated high explosives. Both buildings were empty at the time and no one was injured.

According to the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) a second bombing occurred shortly after at St. Theresa's Convent which is a few minutes drive away from church and presbytery. Although five Sisters where present in the building when the attack took place, no one was injured."

Catholic News Agency

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