Monday, November 23, 2009


If you live in Missouri make sure to contact Sen. McCakill's office and let them know that based on her vote Saturday you intend to make removing her from office your life mission. She is not representing her constituents. She is only interested in her own political advancement.

She needs to know that we have her squarely in the crosshairs. This will be her one and only term in the Senate.

"On August 11th during a town hall meeting in Jefferson County with a packed auditorium of 3000 constituents concerned about health care reform, Senator Claire McCaskill remarked to the crowd, “You don’t trust me?” The overwhelming majority of the crowd shouted, “NO!” The next sentence out of her mouth was, “I don’t know what else I can do.” Well Senator, you can start by killing bad bills by not voting to bring them to the Senate floor.

Saturday, November 21st 2009 Claire McCaskill proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the town hall crowd’s negative opinion of her was correct. McCaskill voted for cloture on bill HR 3590, bringing Obama-care to the floor for debate. Thanks to her, socialized medicine is now one step closer to reality."

St. Louis Tea Party

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