Sunday, November 1, 2009


Bob McCarty

I saw this video from yesterdays rally in O'Fallon, Missouri on I have always loved the perspective of those that have come to this country from abroad. Their opinions always help native Americans (people born here, regardless of DNA) to see the blessings of our country more clearly.

Of course, if you go to YouTube and watch this, you'll get to read the predictable comments from the left:

"stupid brainwashed people."

"Just a gang of white people crying about a black president."

So those that disagree with the current administration and are exercising their right to speak are nothing but ignorant racists? We've listened to "Dissent is Patriotic" from the left for the entire term of the Bush Presidency. We've watched leftist college students throw pies in the face of commentators giving speeches. The comparisons between Nazis and Conservatives have been stunning. The calls from the left to silence those that disagree with them have become so common place and predictable that they aren't even noticed by those they would silence.

So once again nothing of substance from the left. Only vile slurs and calumny in a vain attempt to hide the truth.

If you're done calling names, I have a question. Which Socialist country has ever afforded the freedoms and material wealth that have been created here in the U.S.A.? Because, lets be clear, if you support the current administration you are supporting Socialism. They are nationalizing the banks and industry. They will tell you how much you can earn. So just name one country where socialism has worked as well as capitalism has worked in America.
Cuba? Russia? China? Sweden? England? Nicaragua?

The two cowards that posted the slurs mentioned above have taken down their posts on YouTube. I guess that name calling is easier than finding that one country where socialism has worked. If I called these accusations "drive by" attacks would I be a racist afraid of a black president?

I'm not afraid of the mans color, just his politics.

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