Saturday, October 10, 2009


Since the selection of the President was made twelve days into his presidency I don't see how any of his "recent efforts" could have had anything to do with it. The world, by any objective standards, has become a far more dangerous place since the election of our President.

Is it possible that this selection was made with the belief that Obama would be able to push his progressive agenda through? Were the leaders of the world hoping to honor him for completing Americas descent into socialism? Was this award meant to be the icing on the cake, a worldwide celebration of the destruction, once and for all of America and its dream?

No one could have foreseen the rise of public anger in America. No one except Americans. We are not standing idly by while our birthright and that of our children is sacrificed on the altar of progressive ideals. I hate to break it to you up there in Norway and over at the U.N. but we will not go silently into the night. We refuse to be good world citizens and just except whatever role our masters decide we should take. Because, you know what? In America no man is our master. We may forget this every once in a while but it doesn't take much to jar our memory. We are a country of individuals that have agreed to work as one for the sake of the common good. The power in the country rests in the common man, not in some King, government or corporation.

We've gotten lazy over the last few decades, started to believe that there would always be something there to bail us out. Some started to think that their happiness was dependent on the government or their employer. That's over and we are starting to realize that our happiness comes from God and each other. Everything else is secondary and replaceable. We are starting to remember that we are responsible for our well being and that government and the large corporations will do everything in their power to enslave and use us for their own ends.

We are Americans and by God, we will fight. We will fight our own government, foreign governments and the large money interests. We may end up living in tents and relearning all of the old ways to survive but we will be free.

I'll choose uncomfortable freedom over comfortable slavery any day of the week. Most Americans feel the same way. So this is just a friendly warning. You may be able to buy or beat the American government because it is corrupt and no longer serves the people. That doesn't matter to us. We created the government and we can walk away from it. In the end, all you'll have is an empty shell as a prize. The American people will still be here, on the land, standing shoulder to shoulder with our faith, our Constitution and our guns. We will not go down without a fight. You may have beaten the American government in war but the American people have never been defeated. We won't be this time, either.

"The Vatican offered its appreciation today for President Barack Obama’s work for peace on the international level, following the announcement that the president the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi told L’Osservatore Romano that President Obama’s reception of the award “is greeted with appreciation by the Vatican” due to his efforts “to promote peace in the international arena, particularly in the recent effort in favor of the nuclear disarmament."

Fr. Lombardi also said that he hopes that the honor “may generate the expected results for the future of humanity."

Catholic News Agency

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  1. You are correct. They will have to pry my freedom amd pride from my cold dead hands. (Not to mention my gun)
    We will not go silently. We will not give up. I fight because it is the only thing I can do.