Friday, October 16, 2009


War is not necessarily immoral. I don't know whether we should be involved in the current war and don't intend to debate it here. The thing that is immoral is sending American troops to fight and die without a clear objective and complete support. For all on the left that castigated the Bush administration for its involvement in the Middle East, you need to look closely at what your guys are doing. This is a travesty.

"Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis.

Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans and $20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat."

Washington Times

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