Friday, October 30, 2009


For all that voted for Obama in hopes of fundamental change, this is where we are heading. To a European Socialist Orwellian nightmare.

If you have something to say you better get it off your chest now, while you still can.
"Mrs Pauline Howe, a committed Christian, who complained to the Norwich City Council that a homosexual event had been allowed to go ahead in the city centre, was equated by Channel 4 News with murderers who killed Ian Baynham, a homosexual man, in September 2009.

Channel 4 News reported yesterday:

‘According to police figures, Liverpool is among several large cities, which has seen a rise of ‘hate crimes’. Reports ranging from the homophobic murder of 62-year-old Ian Baynham in Trafalgar Square in September to elderly women complaining about gay marches through towns. Figures are rising.

Mrs Howe wrote her letter to the council blaming homosexuals for ‘their perverted sexual practice’ and sexually transmitting diseases as well as the ‘downfall of every Empire’. She added:

‘It is shameful that this small, but vociferous lobby should be allowed such a display unwarranted by the minimal number of homosexuals.’

Two officers later turned up at the frightened grandmother’s home and informed her that she may have committed a crime. After lecturing her about the choice of words, they told her that she will not be prosecuted."


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