Thursday, October 8, 2009


Below is a portion of a letter sent to the New York State Nurses Association. You can find the entire letter with back up documentation at Educate Yourself.

It's interesting that a large percentage of the country is being led by some sort of interior sense to reject taking this stuff. As more pressure is exerted by the government and business to take this it will become a flash point around which many will rally. Gerald Celente predicts that this will be the next shot in the second American Revolution. Perhaps he's right.

"On 9/28/09 I sent the following letter to as many district presidents of the New York State Nurses' Association (NYSNA) as I could find emails for. Thus far I have received no response from NYSNA, but in 48 hours my wife told me a co-worker at her hospital had received a forwarded copy with at least 50 others on the send list. (Hotmail has now flagged my IP address for spam.) We are peacefully pushing the hospitals to back off, based on losing too many employees. If they do not back off, my wife will leave her job anyway. As further trial balloons pop up around the country, this letter may also serve as a template for others to modify for a particular locale or target audience.


Rick Stearns
Red Hook, NY"

"...The historical point we should stick in the state's veins is this: Vaccines are far more likely to cause pandemics. Put another way: mass acceptance of the H1N1 vaccine, and quite possibly the seasonal flu shot (this year), will be the only way a real H1N1 pandemic can actually occur.

Even if there were a true pandemic of deadly, rapidly spreading disease killing millions worldwide (a virtual impossibility today without deliberate human interference), under no circumstance would such a toxic concoction as the “H1N1 vaccine” save us – it would be like pouring gasoline on a fire. Natural supplements are always the safest, most effective solution, certainly where influenza is concerned, and it is our fundamental right to choose them. Vitamin D3, among others, is a logical (and cheap) choice in this case.

As many researchers have concluded, disease eradication came primarily from modern living conditions and nutrition, not vaccines. No matter what statistics the multi-billion dollar health industry cites to support the effectiveness of vaccines, the evidence exposing their danger, not to mention their financiers' ulterior motives, is legion – especially recently. Vaccines are debilitating to the immune system and in many cases, fatally harmful. Religious and philosophical objections are legitimate enough, but the scientific and legal objections are paramount.

Legally, forced vaccination (and forced quarantine relocation) violates the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, the Geneva Accords, and the Nuremberg code, at minimum. Calling it a “regulation” in the context of state health care makes it no less illegal than if Congress had passed it and called it “law.” The primary purpose of human rights laws is to protect the individual against force and fraud on the part of the state. (It is not about"personal preference," Commissioner Daines.) When we couple this arbitrary violation of fundamental rights with federal liability protection for vaccine makers, and when we consider the pharmaceutical cartel dominance of funding for all major media, alarm bells should be going off in everyone's mind.

When someone on a major news network actually tells viewers, “Get your damn vaccine,” alarm bells should be going off in everyone's mind..."

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