Saturday, October 3, 2009


These guys amaze me. They think that it is perfectly acceptable to vote on and impose legislation on us that they don't understand. Sure they work on it in plain language. Great. Then it gets converted into some obviously foreign language called "legislative". Since they can't understand it they have to take on faith that it has been interpreted correctly, that nothing has been added or subtracted from their plain English version. Sheesh!! I want this job. No accountability, no responsibility, just free stuff everywhere you turn.

"Sen. Thomas Carper (D.-Del.), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, told that he does not “expect” to read the actual legislative language of the committee’s health care bill because it is “confusing” and that anyone who claims they are going to read it and understand it is fooling people.

“I don’t expect to actually read the legislative language because reading the legislative language is among the more confusing things I’ve ever read in my life,” Carper told"

CNS News

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  1. haha I LOVED reading about this... What do we pay them for anyways? Can we hire people who CAN read and understand the bills if they aren't able to do their jobs?

    I'd love to walk into work tomorrow morning and tell my boss that my job is too hard to understand and I can't read things I'm supposed to... and still have a job in the afternoon.

    And to the comment that any "average" person who claims they have read the bill is not telling the truth - B.S.! Many of us have - it took a long time and yeah it was difficult to try and figure out what they meant... but we did it.