Sunday, September 6, 2009


Van the Man took a dive. He made it look legit, the hit was solid, his eyes rolled back in his head and he stayed down for the count. The guys in the know made their money and the crowd thinks it saw a fair fight.

It doesn't matter. There will always be another fighter, another zealot than can be offered up for the entertainment of the masses. The fight will always go the way the money men want. Doing away with the pawns won't affect the king.

The administration has surrounded itself with pawns. If it takes this much effort to get rid of one how will we ever get to the king? He can replace pawns with a phone call; no approval from anyone required. Knock one down and two will take his place.

We need to figure out a way to strike at the heart of the beast, take out the guys at the top; the ones we don't see. We need to unravel the web of disinformation, prevarication, hyperbole and subterfuge. The Truth will set us free.

Is the resignation of Jones the weak point in the wall? Can we concentrate our forces and break through? Maybe. However, it's likely that focusing on Jones will allow the enemy to flank us. There are so many fronts in this war that we are hard pressed to cover them all. This is by design.

So, rejoice in this small victory, but see it for what it is. We may have established a beachhead but we have not gotten close to the enemy; his power is secure.

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