Sunday, September 27, 2009


Let's see, what other reasons could the government have to shut down web traffic?
Someone disagrees with the party in power?
A TEA Party may be forming?
The text of a bill may be published?
Pelosi says something arrogant, again?

"If hackers take over a nuclear plant's control system, should the president order the computer networks shut down? If there's a terrorist attack, should the government knock users off other computer networks to ensure that critical systems stay online? And should the government be able to dictate who companies can hire and what they must do to secure the networks that affect Americans' daily life."

Fox News

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1 comment:

  1. She's comparing apples to oranges. Yes, a president of a company should shut down the system if hackers get into it, but the President of the United States IS NOT in charge of the internet.

    Companies should dictate who they hire and what they must do to secure their own networks. NEVER, EVER give the government that type of power... there's no telling what will happen when you open that Pandora's box.