Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Buckle up, put your head between your legs, and assume the crash position. And while you're there, kiss your wallet and your rear end good bye.

"The free and easy money being dished out by the world's central banks is finding its way into assets, particularly financial assets such as stocks and bonds. That's great for asset prices, as the surge in stock market since March has demonstrated.

But so far, it's not having much impact on the 'real' economy. In other words, the money is being pumped into financial assets, but it's not being loaned out to businesses and individuals to fund business expansion and investment, or increased consumption. In fact, businesses and individuals are still in cutback mode, and show no real sign of coming out.

So it seems we're having a surge in financial assets that has no backing in economic reality. There's a name for that – a bubble. "Instead of getting consumer inflation from all this central bank liquidity, we are seeing asset price inflation and we all know that usually does not end well for investors," Steven Ricchiuto of Mizuho Securities told the Financial Times this weekend."

Money Week

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