Thursday, September 10, 2009


All aboard the crazy train!!!

I've been thinking, again. Please comment and tell me where this idea falls apart, because I'm sure a lot of holes can be poked in it.

The country is coming apart at the seams, politically and financially. Our government seems to be under no restraint, especially by the Constitution. The people are starting to awaken to this and have begun meeting in parks and halls all over the country. There is a consensus beginning to form, on both the left and right; something needs to happen, the people need to regain control.

But how? The government has the power of the purse and the military. Or does it? What if members of the military high command have seen this coming. They took an oath to defend the Constitution and are honor bound to defend it. What if the military comes to us?

Could the military, in a well orchestrated movement, take control of the government? Could our country be restored to the Constitutional Republic it was intended to be if the military makes the move? Whoever has the guns wins. Plain and simple. The politicians do not fear us for this reason.

If a plan is in place, a plan that includes loyal military and public officials, to remove from office all that inhabit it, how could it be stopped. If, through modern means of communication, the reason behind the takeover and the plan to restore our Constitutional form of government could be quickly disseminated, the majority of the people would be happy to follow along. Leave us our guns and don't make any threats to us and I believe we would back this.

This would give our country the ability to reset everything in our relationship to the rest of the world, financially and politically. If the loyal Americans resist the temptation to resort to violence, no matter what happens, and allow the military and police to deal with the civil problems that I know would be inevitable, this could work.

The states could assume their rightful powers while the Federal Government is put back together. That way the military would primarily only have to concern itself with issues that the Constitution assigns to the Federal Government. The states would handle everything else, just like they are supposed to. There would be hardship and a period of adjustment, but nothing like a total collapse.

This is the only way that I can see this ending without a French Revolution. If this would happen I think that it will be soon.

Something big is about to happen, keep your eyes open.

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  1. The playing field of dominos needs to been neatly stacked in a long flowing line for your theory to work:

    1) Military leadership would need to be unified, at least at the very top. From the JCS to a select corps in the field, if this chain of command could be established then the foundation could possibly be set.

    2) The assumption would have to be made that a percentage of Officers and enlisted would refuse to follow (treason is often a hard product to sell). Working from a starting position that a low percentage of military personnel would opt out, say 25%, would leave a gapping hole from the outset (with the techno advanced military which we have the loss of key personnel could be devastating), so contingency plans would need to be drawn up, possibly a large percentage of the people involved wouldn’t even know of the plan until a certain point.
    All branches of the armed services would need to be involved, which would mean that a corps group of officers and NCOs would need to be involved in the initial phase of planning.

    3) Commanders of all special forces would need to be brought into the fold, the reason being that a coordinated effort which would need to be timed to the second would have to go into play to arrest all key members of the senate, congress, state department and cabinet. These members would need to be removed from the country, possibly taken to a ship off shore or even better Gitmo (ironic huh?). The reason for this is that you wouldn’t even want them to be on our soil once this began because there could be plans which are automatically set into place under these circumstances.

    4) A provincial government would need to be established prior to, and in secret, ready to take power as soon as the over throw began. Political figures or military figures would have to establish Marshal Law for a given period of time to ensure the safety of the citizens of the country.

    5) Control of all broadcast media would need to be coordinated to ensure that reports coming out of Washington are truthfully portraying what is happening.

    6) A wide majority of the American people would have to be in favor of the intervention of the military are the risk of completely dividing the country would be too great.

    7) The CIA and FBI would need to be involved, with Nancy Pelosi still being the speaker of the house they have most likely been working on something just like this.

    There is a great deal here which isn’t even covered, these are just the issues which came to mind sitting in front of the computer. Anything is possible, and if leaders in the armed services is taking a route such as this then I would like to believe that they have covered all of the bases (hey, that’s what they do for a living). The theory is as good as any I have heard and in this day and age nothing should be pushed out of the realm of possibilities.