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Once again, the weird connections occur. Yesterday, I put the video from entimes77 on the blog referring to information about potential roadblocks and forced immunizations. Then I run across this article about the connections between the manufacture of the swine flu vaccine and Nazism.

I have been aware for quite awhile of the continuation of the Nazi movement through radical Islam. For further information read here:
Tell the Children the Truth

Nazism and the abortion movement:

A good book on the subject is "Salvation is From the Jews" by Roy Shoeman.

I have always believed that Nazism was designed by Satan to remove the Jewish people from the face of the earth. The reason for this is that the Jews are vital to God's plan of salvation. Without them the plan is destroyed. Nazism continues to this day for this reason. We are still fighting it in our war with radical Islam.

I have sensed that there is something wrong with the swine flu scare. There is too much conflicting information out there. Doctors that are interviewed on this subject seem to always say that this flu is mild and poses no larger threat than most other forms of flu, assuming there is no mutation. Yet, there is a constant drumbeat of disaster surrounding this thing, mostly, it seems, from the government. We are being pressured to get inoculations. Why? Is it just the normal corrupt government/business collusion to yet again line the pockets of world industrialists; or is it something deeper, more insidious? Is it Nazism, the tool of Satan, rising yet again to destroy God's plan of salvation?

I don't know. However, it's interesting that this connection between the video yesterday and the article below reared its ugly head. I don't believe in coincidence.

"The Ghosts of Auschwitz Have Arrived in Latin America
By Dr. Matthias Rath

On the occasion of the decision of French drug maker Sanofi to invest $140 million to build a plant for the manufacturing of dubious vaccines for a non-existing influenza epidemic in Mexico, a short historical review is appropriate:

•1925. Together with BAYER and BASF, the drug company HOECHST formed the infamous chemical and drug cartel IG FARBEN that brought the Nazis to power and prepared them for WWII – in an attempt to conquer the emerging global market of patented chemicals and drugs.1
•1941/2. HOECHST, BAYER and BASF (IG Farben) chose the city of Auschwitz to construct the world’s largest chemical plant at that time to produce synthetic gasoline, rubber and other chemicals for their military conquest of Eastern Europe, Russia and eventually Asia.
•1941-1945. As the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, HOECHST and BAYER used the nearby concentration camp Auschwitz not only for slave labor to construct their plant, but also as a giant human testing cage to test their patented drugs on thousands of innocent inmates who served them as "human guinea pigs." The corporate interests behind the pharmaceutical business with disease became the Ghosts of Auschwitz.2
•1948. During the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal these Ghosts of Auschwitz were put on trial and several members of IG Farben’s board of directors were sentenced for slave labor, mass murder and other crimes against humanity.3
•For half a century the Ghosts of Auschwitz spent billions trying to keep their horrifying past out of the history textbooks and out of the memory of mankind.
•1997. More than half a century after the end of WWII this strategy collapsed. In a public lecture in the city hall of Chemnitz, Germany, I addressed the criminal past of HOECHST, BAYER and BASF as the key architects and profiteers of WWII – and of Auschwitz. The Ghosts of Auschwitz were brought into the daylight for the world to see.4
•1999. Only 2 years (!) after this exposure of its criminal past, HOECHST was forced to end its 140 year corporate history and merge with Rhone-Poulenc under the new name of "Aventis". The exposure of the Ghosts of Auschwitz forced one of the largest drug companies into oblivion – in a futile attempt to escape its past.5
•2004. Only a few years later, Nick Sarkozy – a thus far inconspicuous French minister of Finance – abused billions of French tax payer’s money to have the French drug dwarf Sanofi swallow the drug giant Aventis – and with it the Ghosts of Auschwitz.5
•With that decision the fate of Nick Sarkozy became intimately linked to the fate of the pharmaceutical drug industry. With that decision too, Nick Sarkozy became the political executor of the Ghosts of Auschwitz.
•2007. Not surprisingly, only 3 years later the same Nick Sarkozy was made President of France with massive support of the Ghosts of Auschwitz. But that was just the beginning. With the assignment to Sarkozy of turning the Brussels’ EU into their new global politburo, the Ghosts of Auschwitz set out to accomplish what they had not been able to accomplish during the Nazi era and WWII: the political, economic and military control over the entire European continent as a stepping stone to control the world.
•Since the ascent of Nick Sarkozy as the chief political executor of the Ghosts of Auschwitz there was no global drug scam that was not connected – or even orchestrated by these interests – including the mass vaccination of young girls with the harmful papilloma-virus vaccine and also the artificial H1N1 influenza epidemic.
•2009. With the decision of Sanofi-Aventis to build a 100 Million Euro ($ 140 Million) H1N1 influenza vaccine plant in Mexico – i.e. a factory for the production of biological warfare material to be used to seize control over the economies and societies of Latin America – the Ghosts of Auschwitz have arrived in Latin America.6


Dr. Rath Foundation

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